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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Another Farmer's Market

As I've written before, Bill & I love Farmer's Markets.  The market here in Farmington, NM opens at 8am... we got there by 8:30, and it was already crowded.

 There were lots of vendors selling quite a variety of goods.

 Lots of peppers, squash, carrots...  even turnips and other fresh veggies.

The flower stalls are one of my favorites.
There's nothing like a brightly colored bouquet to brighten up one's day.  This place sold fresh herbs as well. 

Even potted plants...  to be planted outdoors when taken home.  Everything looks so healthy and vibrant!

This stall made and sold Fry Bread 
Navajo Fry Bread is sort of like a thick deep fried tortilla.  Kind of like a cross between a tortilla and a beignet.  Oh heck, I don't know exactly how to describe it.  I'd show you a photo of the one we bought (it was big enough to share), but we ate it before I thought to take a picture.  Some folks put honey and sugar on them, but I like them just as they come out of the fryer.

Yep!  Another Green Chili Roaster
 I've written before about New Mexico Chilies.  
Red or Green?  Well, now the Green are in season.  You'll see chilies roasting at various stores throughout the city.

We bought that package the woman is holding.  Fresh from the roaster, it was too hot to handle!  The smell of the chilies permeated our car as we were driving home.  Later, we wondered why we didn't slap one on top of our fry bread.
Oh well...  an excuse to go back next week if we're still here.

After the market we had to stop at Wal-Mart...
And ....  they too were roasting chilies...
Outside they had 3 chili roasters fired up....  with customers lined up waiting for their box of chilies to be roasted.  The smell was wonderful!  Every box we saw was labeled "Hot".  
The box of Hatch chilies we bought a few weeks ago in Texas cost $25....  guess we could have saved a few bucks if we'd waited until we got here.
But we've already eaten a few of those packages - I guess we paid for the instant gratification.
When I wrote about "Chilies" before someone asked me the difference in "Chile" and "Chili"....  I had to google that...  looks like Chile is the correct way to spell it, and Chili refers to the dish.  I've probably been misspelling it all my life...
Maybe I just ought to stick with the word "peppers", but somehow, "Green Peppers" just doesn't sound as exciting.

That's All For Today!


  1. Thanks for sharing these! There's just nothing like a good farmer's market and all that fresh, home grown produce!!

  2. Our farmers markets are still a little short on produce--short growing season, and it may get suddenly shorter--42 degrees here this morning. I am about to get lots of ripe tomatoes finally--on the plants I grew in pots.

  3. We try to find farmers markets everywhere we stop.
    It's so cool how different farmers markets across the country can be the same, yet so different! I too love the fresh flowers and always buy a bunch. But I have never experienced the the roasting peppers. I bet that does smell yummy!

  4. Being around farmers' market is wonderful. I see quite a few back here as well. Tried to imagine the fragrance of freshly roasted chilli.

  5. All the restaurants here in Colorado want to "smother" every dish in green chili sauce.
    The big draw at the farmer's market is the Rocky Ford cantaloupes. Apparently, Rocky Ford is the name of the town that they are grown in. I guess it's like the Pecos cantaloupes in Texas. We’re starting to see lots of pumpkins in the fields. Fall is on the way!

  6. As a native Minnesotan, I find it hard to imagine eating chilies of any color unaccompanied by other food.
    I had fry bread when I visited the southwest years ago and really enjoyed it.

  7. We have pretty good grocery stores in this part of California and I find the prices lower than the farmers markets, but as we travel in the future I'm sure we will be visiting many Farmer's markets for fresh veggies. The selection in some of the small town stores ave been pretty thin.

  8. I think you're as fond of roasted peppers as I am of home grown tomatoes. :)

  9. That looks like a great farmers' market!