Along the Natchez Trace

Thursday, September 19, 2013

On the Road..... Day 5

I often write about staying overnight at Wal-Marts if we're just driving from Point A to Point B.  While I know this isn't for everyone, it works fine for us.  We are totally self-sufficient and could easily boondock for a week or more without needing anything.  Last night we stayed at a Wal-Mart...  and look at what we woke up to this morning...
I just cracked up laughing...  there were 21 (count 'em... twenty-one) 18 wheelers surrounding us.
Yeah, we heard a little noise last night, but I guess we slept through all the traffic that must have kept arriving as the night went on.  This must be a major resting place for those weary truckers...  not many places to stay between Little Rock and Memphis.  We look kind of dwarfed...  but, being there before any of the big rigs, we did have a nice comfy space at the end of the row.  Hilarious!

Speaking of cracking up...   I often prop my feet up on the dash, and around 10:00 this morning and I did just that...
Did a double take...  Rats!  I've got on shoes from 2 different pairs.  Now, I'm not sure whether y'all will think I'm cracking up from laughing or just plain cracking up...  but I hurried to change to a pair that looked the same.  At least I had on a right and a left shoe...  it REALLY would have been bad if I had on 2 that fit the same foot.  Hey... do you think this road trip is getting to me?

There was a lot of road construction along I40 today...  
We drove I 40 over to Memphis, but then headed up I 55 (still in Arkansas) to Missouri, then over through a little corner of Tennessee, then into Kentucky.  Lots of construction, but the traffic was never at a standstill.  We've traveled this route off and on over the years and this time there seemed to be a lot more traffic than has been in the past.

We're always looking at the cargo those big trucks are carrying...
Our lunch break today...  Doesn't that load next to us look like HUGE spark plugs?  It's fun to try to figure out what various loads are for.  

When we head up I 55, we're actually travelling parallel to the Mississippi River.  That means a lot of farm land as that land is no doubt rich in nutrients.  Today the farmers were hard at it...  burning some kind of old crop.  The smoke was so thick that it actually limited visibility along the interstate.
Kind of reminded us of the sugar cane fields down in south Texas...  when they burn the cane, there are huge billows of black smoke.  Interesting...

Change of habitat again...  this time we're into something I'm more familiar with...
I think a lot of folks are allergic to this, but even so, I think it's a lovely "weed".  Years ago, when we kept bee hives, we had a pollen extractor on a couple of our hives.  As the bees would come back home, the pollen would drop into a holding area, to be "harvested" by Bill.  Eating pollen is supposed to be good for a person... only problem is, the darned stuff made my mouth itch really bad.  So much for my experiment with pollen from goldenrod.  I still think it's beautiful, though.

And...  the scourge of the south...
Looks kind of pretty if you don't know what it is and how it chokes out everything else.  This invasive plant has taken over many areas...  we saw a lot of it as we drove through Tennessee and into Kentucky.

We started out around 8am...  finished for the day around 3:30 or 4pm
335 miles today...  
Only a couple more days until we're back on the farm.
(Kind of misleading as there's no farm to go home to these days...  but, we think a new concrete pad has been put down since we were back in Ohio last.    Don't know for sure until we get there)

So...  happily parked in our Wal-Mart parking space for the night...  More tomorrow.

That's All For Today!


  1. Ah, being on the road. How fun. I love Walmarting. Lots to see at any hour. Enjoy.

  2. I have never spent a night in a Wal-Marts parking lot. With the three dogs, an RV park is better for us and the dogs. The last few years we have never been in a hurry. Like to leave late and stop early. More relaxing that way.

  3. You're sure going to be glad to be settled after all these days of driving. I love the driving, but it DOES get old after a while. I, too, enjoy over-nighting at Wal-Mart. They are usually in a good part of town, clean, lights and cameras up on poles, and there's always other rigs or RVs there to make me feel safe. And I can shop if needed. :)

  4. your dizzying ... lots of stuff you whizzed through ... I've stayed at WM parking lots all over this country ... good stuff. but not by 18 wheelers... hiss

  5. I love your posts - and the story about the shoes is too funny.

  6. Another great post. Boy, you guys are chalking up the miles. I just can't go that far in a day; I guess it'd help if Lacy, Eleanor and Lincoln could at least make me a sandwich for time to time! The two different shoes reminded me of an experience I had as a teenager. I attended a week-long conference in San Francisco one summer; at the end of the conference there was a dance for the attendees. Well, I had become smitten with a boy during the week and was so nervous about the dance when he asked if we could go 'together' that I got all gussied up in my new spaghetti-strap summer dress and walked down to the lobby of the hotel to meet my 'date,' thinking I looked pretty good until people started laughing because I'd forgotten to put my shoes on and was wearing my favorite, but very inappropriate llama bedroom slippers!!!

  7. At least the ice and snow and cold in the winters keeps the kudzu out. For now.

  8. Howdy Sharon & Bill,

    I keep hearing people ranting, screaming and cussing KUDZU !!! It's only a broad-leafed plant, which is good for a lot of products; one of which is DIESEL FUEL !!! WHY DON'T THEY SET UP A DIESEL PLANT DOWN THERE !!!
    We've used WalMart parking and have never felt in danger or been bothered, have seen others that took advantage of the situation, though !!!
    Thank you, Mr Sam (RIP)!!!
    Hope y'all get to your 'slab', safely and have a HAPPY DAY !!!!

  9. Goldenrod gets a bad's really the ragweed that blooms at the same time that gives people fits. I have been having a problem with it as we speak. Safe travels to y'all.