Along the Natchez Trace

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Off the Road... Day 7

And so, on the 7th day, he rested from all the driving.... he has driven the motorhome 1,819 miles, many of those through rain and other adverse conditions....
Rain, Fog, Heavy Traffic, Road Construction.....  

Oh, but I should back up a little.  This morning, we woke up in our lovely Wal-Mart parking lot...
Yeah... it's raining, but look...
We're the only folks in the whole parking lot.  Totally alone.  I don't think this Wal-Mart opened until 8am.  We were out of there by then, so I'm not sure.

We only had about 100 miles until "home" again...  of course I'm antsy...  get me across the Ohio River (on the Ohio side) and I'm like a horse heading to the barn.  

I start looking for familiar landmarks...
What you can barely see is a manikin-like figure sitting on that fence.  He waves at everyone driving by.  For years we've waved back.  Today was no different.  Except I almost missed seeing him and got a lousy photo.  Oh well... there's always the next time.

One thing I've never seen along the Appalachian Highway before...
Amish Horse and Buggies
These 3 were driving along the berm.  There are a lot of Amish and Mennonite communities throughout Ohio, but I have no idea where these 3 were coming from nor where they were going.  At least they were well off the highway.  I'm not sure what the speed limit is on Rt 32...  most likely 60 or 65 as it's a 4-lane road with minimal side roads.  But we always give wide berth to any "non traditional" mode of transportation.

I couldn't resist showing this sign...
Hey... I'm from SE Ohio...  it's hilly, the foothills of the Appalachians...  some heavy rains can cause all kinds of havoc with the roads.  Gravel Washer?  Why Not?  Right up there with "Gully Washer".

We got into Athens early enough to head to the Farmer's Market before going home.
Rain doesn't deter either the shoppers or the buyers....
The only deterrent today because the rain was that our raingear kind of prevented us from seeing the other shoppers....  folks were in a hurry...  not quite the usual social gathering it usually is.  We still saw a few folks we know...  and bought a loaf of artichoke/leek bread, some lovely tomatoes, a few eggplant, a bag of Melrose apples, 5 jars of salsa from our favorite salsa maker, a bunch of basil, 2 one inch thick pork chops from Rich Blazier, and I'm sure some stuff I've already put away.

We unhooked the car in town and headed home.  I got home in the Scion about 5 minutes before Bill arrived.  I checked out the overhanging branches along the lane leading into our place.  And saw that the concrete pad had been poured since we left last September.
Looks good to me.
(However, when Bill drove the rig on it, he's concerned a bit that it's not as level as he'd expected...  that's what happens when he's not here to oversee things)

Shortly after I got home, along came Bill.
I held back a few of the maple tree branches that were hanging over the driveway.  The white pine is still okay from the last pruning.

Finally, after 7 days on the road, we are at our destination.  I know....  it really isn't where we live, but, truth is...  it will always be home to me.

That's All For Today!


  1. glad you made it safe and sound ... really been raining around heah ... thatsa lot of driving you two did this past week! sorry I missed you ;)

  2. Yeah...I'm glad you are there safe and sound!

  3. Welcome home! I've enjoyed traveling along with you this last week. And, the almost empty Walmart parking lot shot is a keeper!

  4. I followed every bit of your trip. Great description as you drove along.

  5. Welcome! Your lead photo is Ohio! That rain was all over Ohio Friday and half of Saturday, kept us all fresh and green.

  6. Glad you made it home safe and sound and home looks like a pretty place to be.

  7. I like traveling with you. You do such a great job with your photos and commentaries! Absolutely LOVE your sense of humor!!

  8. Howdy Sharon & Bill,

    WHOOOOEEEE, YOU MADE IT, RAIN & ALL !!!!! Prayers are answered !!! Of course it isn't level, the world sank a little at that corner, Bill !!!

    Hope the visit is an enjoyable one and y'all have lots of HAPPY DAYS !!!!!!