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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Automobiles/Cars/Tin Lizzy/Hot Rod/Street Rod.... ????

Collecting and restoring vintage cars seems to be a big thing up here in this Four Corners area.  Seems every time we're in Farmington, NM, there's a car show of some sort.
This time is no exception.
The schedule of events for the weekend...  

Last night was the "Cruise In" at the local Sonic Drive-In.  Folks drove their cars to this event and showed them off.  I won't even pretend to know the makes, models or years of any of these....

This was also the place where participants in Sunday's Car Show could sign up, so this "rally-like" affair lasted for a couple of hours.
Bill's sister, Alberta, has 2 vintage cars...  a Model A car with a rumble seat, and a truck (which I've not seen so can't tell you what it is).  But rain threatened last evening, so she didn't take either of her vehicles to the cruise in.

Today was the "Swap Meet"
You've probably heard that expression..
"One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure"
Well, I wouldn't doubt but that expression was coined at one of these meets....
Look!  a 1927 Essex for only $1,200.  And...  look at that pile of ???? at the upper right....
 Want some old car manuals?  Here you go...  step right up.  The thing is, if you're restoring one of those old cars, I guess you just might be able to find that elusive headlight...  or maybe even the manual on how to fix the wiring.  

This one caught my eye....
Mystery Grill...  only $300.
Looks like it belongs to a tractor to me, but, what do I know?  

 This one looks like it might have belonged to Al Capone or maybe Bonnie and Clyde...
 Heck... it was probably just left in some farmer's field and used for target practice...  But it's fun to imagine what kind of a past it had.

My favorite photo of the day...
This windshield wiper (the only one, I might add) was on that home-made car that's in the 3rd photograph from the top, upper left.  There were all kinds of neat things...  like the exhaust pipe made from a drive shaft...  headlight mounts made from pistons...  all kind of fancy "gingerbread" ironwork....  along with this tiny windshield wiper.
But I liked the photo because it caught Bill's reflection, as well as my own reflection taking the photo....  and it even shows the Jesus Bobble-head (honest... that's what that is on the dash!), which I've never seen before in my life.  I have a feeling that whoever drives this car is going to need all the heavenly help they can get.

Tomorrow is the all-day car show near the fairgrounds.  It starts early and runs late.  Alberta says there could be over 100 cars on display.  Bill & I plan to head out tomorrow, but plan to stop by on our way out of town.

This might be the last post for a while...  not sure how long we'll take getting to Ohio, nor whether or not we'll have the ability to post.  So, see you down the road.

That's All For Today!


  1. That looks like fun! Love the reflection shot in the windshield.

  2. A Jesus bobblehead, Bill, and Sharon all in one picture...what more could you want haha. Maybe that grill is supposed to be a BAR-B-Que grill! It would make a unique one for sure.

  3. To demonstrate the true magnitude of my interest in old cars, I'll ask this one questions: How were the burgers at Sonic? ;)

  4. butterbean carpenterSeptember 14, 2013 at 6:36 PM

    Howdy Sharon & Bill,
    When I was able I loved to go to car shows and swap meets; you never know what you'll see and it really interesting !!! I have a cousin who's into the Model As and has had several show winners.. Joyce's brother did have a 1976 4-4-2 Oldsmobile convertible he showed and won lots of trophys with...

    Be real careful going back where the traffic is and have a bunch of HAPPY DAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Great collection of cars at that show. Hope you have a good trip to Ohio. Post when you can.

  6. Safe travels to Ohio. Interesting stuff at those car shows - I thought tractor on the mystery grill too!

  7. "I don't care if it rains or freezes
    Long as I got my plastic Jesus
    Sitting on the dashboard of my car..."

  8. Car collectors must be the same the country around. I passed a line of vintage cars heading the other direction recently. Something to do on a weekend, I suppose.

  9. Do you think that in 80 years form now people will be looking at the cars we drive now

  10. Love looking at old cars. Grab a smoked turkey leg and keep on walkin'. Funny, I did some research on the Yugo the other day, seems there are quite a few still out there running. Have fun!