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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sneakin' Around...

When I was a kid, we called them "tennis shoes"...  and then they became "sneakers".  I've heard them called "trainers" as well.  I wore Keds...  white ones with maybe 4 eyelets on each side.  My brother wore Converse...  black high-tops.  Every kid in the neighborhood wore the same thing all summer long.

I don't think we wore sneakers during the winter months...  don't think they fit inside boots real well...  and they weren't waterproof enough to wear in the snow.  They were canvas...  probably with rubber soles.  When I was in junior high school and had to take gym class I had to buy a pair to leave in my locker...  you weren't permitted on the gym floor in "regular" shoes, and you weren't permitted to wear your gym shoes anywhere but in the gym.

Today Bill & I went to the local mall.  Now, truth is, I've been seeing some colorful tennies on folks feet lately, but had no idea that the styles and colors of sneakers has ...  well...  exploded!

Hey... do you want to wear Superman sneakers?  How about Spider Man?
 Or maybe a glittery shoe that dazzles the eye that beholds it?

High Tops?
Nope, can't see my brother wearing these!
They aren't exactly the Converse hightops that were popular in the 50's!

 Did I say that shoes are colorful?
 I don't think you'd have trouble finding these in your closet....  surely they must glow in the dark!

Want some variety in the shoe?  Maybe a little floral print?  That purple one that zips up the side wasn't too bad until I saw the fuschia  shoelaces that go with it.
That lower right one reminds me of those Guatamalan blankets that were sold way back when.

I love color...  love the contrast...  love different shades and tones...
I want a pair in every color!

 Oh...  want something a little more feminine?
Chantilly Lace laid over a pink silk background?
Ohhhh baby...  you KNOOOOOOOW what I like....

Don't have the right socks to wear with your new purchase?
Step right up to this sock rack....
Say..  maybe you could even wear these without the shoes...

 We hadn't been in a shopping mall for quite a long time so we wandered up and down looking in all the windows...  there must have been a dozen different shoe stores...  but everyone of them were featuring this type of shoe.  I had to check...  prices ranged from about $50 to around $150.
I didn't even look to see how much the socks cost.

We headed home...  I looked down at my "plain Jane", vanilla, ho-hum sneakers...
Now, with a lot of miles on them, they are a well used "dirty white".

Guess I'll forgo those colorful sneakers....  mine are still good enough for me.  
But...  you know...  those Wonder Woman tennies were hard to pass up!

That's All For Today!


  1. I usually just wear Crocks around the house and cowboy boots when I go out. How would any one be able to pick out a pair with all those choices now-a-days.

  2. We always called them gym shoes growing up. Same rules in high school about special shoes for gym class. We had an inspection every Monday. The shoes had to be painted white with liquid shoes polish and your name had to be written in ink across the toes. I don't even want to think about the light blue 100% cotton gym uniform with your name embroidered across the top of the pocket.

  3. I'll stick with the "plain janes". As long as they offer support, and aren't too expensive. I suspect that anyone over the age of about 25 wearing any of those crazy coloured creations is just going to look like a dork.

  4. Quick! Get the sunglasses out! Oh, they come in wild colors too!

  5. Oh wow! I had no idea.

    In NJ they were sneakers. Still are. Was funny first time I heard them called tennis shoes. Hey, who played tennis???? Not us.

  6. Come to think of it - we didn't "Sneak" around much either.

  7. Let's tell Bob--I'm seventy, and all my sneaks make a statement. This summer I have Georgia O'Keefe's, some big daisies, and then my kick around turquoise pair.

  8. I bought new sneakers while down in Texas--I had to look hard to find a pair that wasn't neon! As it was the soles on my new ones are aqua blue!

  9. ha! love the colors! and Judy... I remember the gym shoes and blue uniforms well... terrible outfits...

    I was never a tennis shoe kid ... I wore sandals and flops outside school then the dress code for school was penny loafers and flats ... ballerina slippers.

    My old toes are about a foot long and just never did well in enclosed shoes. if it weren't for them, I'd worn a six four... but they used to not be so damn ugly.

  10. We always called them sneakers. Jerry called them tennis shoes... even if he wasn't playing tennis (we had one specific style called tennis shoes). I love all the colors. Can't believe what I see on the streets here. Mine have always been white. I'm thinking of upping the ante with my next pair.

  11. Sherry, I have seen folks at the local Y wearing those colorful sneakers, trainers or whatever folks like to call them. But for myself, I prefer the plain white ,preferably leather, athletic shoes. And of couse, one has to have a selection of colorful socks to wear as well.

  12. Way cool...they are fun to look at in the store! Quite a change from the white keds I always wore!

  13. My last few pair have been colorful out of necessity. Running shoes don't come in white anymore! Unfortunately the ones that keep your feet from hurting also run about $100 pair and need to be replaced every 3-6 months. I've now had neon orange with red, turquoise with watermelon, and my pair that came in the mail yesterday is tangerine with dark blue. It's hard to find them not in some shade of pink!

  14. Great collages of sneakers, tennies, gym shoes, Keds, etc. But, your broken-in off-white shoes are just fine and probably a lot more comfortable. Bet it was fun seeing how many different kinds you could shoot!

  15. Forgot to mention that in one photo I see a beautiful turquoise bracelet on (I assume it's) your arm. Can we see a full shot of it? It looks stunning. History?

  16. What a fun post! All those bright, colorful tennies - and my tennies look just like yours - a well-worn off white. I love them.

  17. I went out and bought two pair of "tennis" shoes after reading your blog. One white pair and one gray pair. Sedate colors. Thanks for reminding me I needed new shoes.

    Re your comment on my blog. I enjoy reading your blog since you do jump all over the place when you write it. Much more interesting to me when the subject changes often. Keep it up.