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Friday, September 6, 2013

Signs and Memories....

Bill and I stopped at the Natural Grocers yesterday and as we walked towards the entrance, this is what I saw....
Kind of gets your attention, doesn't it?
I think that's their way of letting you know that they aren't rigid about their hours...  if you're shopping at 5:58, they aren't going to kick you out at 6pm.  Whatever....  it made me smile.

Another thing that made me smile...  Bill has been organizing his sister's garage.  I think she takes after their Dad.  Jack was a "collector".  I've never seen that show called "The Hoarder" or something like that, but he had a little bit of everything.  Alberta had this jar in her garage...
What's This?
When Bill & I lived in Ohio, we had a small farm and raised a few dairy goats.  Our first goats were Nubians and we had to have a name for our farm when we registered them with the dairy goat association.  It's hard to think up a name, and we came up with Bish Farm (Bi(Bill)+Sh(Sharon).  We grew fruits, flowers, vegetables, raised chickens and had several hives of bees.  We sold all that, including eggs, goat cheese and honey at the local Farmer's Market for 18 years.
This jar once contained honey.  It is from the early days of our market years - the address is before the county re-named our rural route system, and also, my hand-drawn labels were replaced by computer generated labels a long time ago.
It's fun to see something from our past show up all these years later.
By the way, lots of folks at the Farmer's Market thought we were Mr & Mrs Bish.....  we were addressed by that name quite frequently.  

That's All For Today!


  1. There was a Natural Grocers store in Helena but I didn't notice their hours when we went. That is just a great idea. That jar must have really brought back a lot of memories for you guys.

  2. How neat! I hope you saved the jar...isn't it grand how the simplest little thing can bring back the nicest memories of days gone by.

  3. What .... fun. A treasure! When I first saw the label, I thought it was a play on Fish Barm ... HAHaaaaa...

    I just looked at Maps to see where Athens is. surely, I drove through there. I hugged the Great Lakes' highways, roads for the most part but I also went to the Zoo in Columbus looking for Jack Hanna. ;)

    I really liked that little town of Powell where the Zoo is on the other side of Columbus ... hmm well? Just sounds very familiar that I went to Athens... but I don't know why I would be headed ... hmmm maybe I went up that way from West Virginia on one trip.

    I don't know.

    I know I liked Ohio. I liked the 'oldness' of Cleveland and Colombus ~ great neighborhood type cities with wonderful bakeries and eateries.

    I haven't found too many places in these here United States that isn't wonderful. you?

  4. Well Ms Bish, I enjoyed your blog, as usual. I also got a chuckle out of the times listed on that door. Kind of makes a weird kind of sense to me. They keep the time they want, sort of independent, right? How do you get in that sliding door if you have to stand back?

  5. That little honey jar! It's still available to folks who bottle their local honey and sell the real deal.

  6. What a fun find. You will forever be Mr. and Mrs. Bish to me.

  7. Well, yes, that is a fun find! Mr. and Mrs. Bish: love it.

  8. I like that jar with the cute little bee sticking out. I would have saved it too.

  9. We sold our honey in that jar too, I also liked that little bee!