Along the Natchez Trace

Sunday, September 15, 2013

On the Road Again...

We got the car and rig road ready this morning...  stopped at McGee Park to say goodbye to Alberta...
Alberta is working this booth as her Car Club is sponsoring this event.
Our niece, Melanie, (Alberta's daughter) was there taking photos for future brochures.

Alberta had entered her truck...
This 1956 Chevrolet is one of two "old" vehicles that Alberta owns and enters in shows.
Her other vehicle is 1931 Model A....  it stayed home in the garage today.

After looking at all the cars, trucks and motorcycles (too many photos for me to work with this evening), Bill & I headed down the road towards Albuquerque

We stopped here for a late lunch...

Then headed on south, stopping at the Santa Ana Casino, in Bernalillo, which is just north of Albuquerque, where we'll spend the night and tomorrow head down to I 40...  and east towards Ohio.

That's All For Today!


  1. I guess once you get to the Contintal Divide, it's all down hill after theat (grin).

  2. I see you are back in familiar territory for us. We always camp at the KOA North or Coronado City Park when we are in Alb. The Range Grill in Bernalillo is one of our favorite places for grub. Lots of other places there, but too many to mention.

    BTW; After living in Costa Rica for 6 years, we much favor the west coast. Beaches are nicer and much safer. There was a lot of petty crime on the eastern beaches of Costa Rica when we were there.

    Be safe out there and have fun.

  3. Just thinking--you must have half a million miles on that rig.

  4. I love that truck!

    Do you think the rainfall REALLY drains into the Atlantic or Pacific from way out there? What ever happened to truth in advertising?

  5. Howdy Sharon & Bill,
    I was looking at the warshed out roads in Mew Nexico and I-25 & I-40 were underwater in places and SNOW was fallin' in OhiO... hee hee hee

    Everybody's been alerted to the fact that y'all are on the road, again, so, the hiways ought to be clear all the way to Chi-town, with the Illinois Nat'l Guard standin' by !!! If y'all do get into a 'CONVOY' DON'T GET BEHIND THE HOG-HAULER !!!!!

    Hope y'all enjoy the trip and have a lot of HAPPY DAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!