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Friday, September 13, 2013

We Got Plans....

A couple of weeks ago we were mulling over where to spend the winter. Now, it seems like all of a sudden we have all kinds of plans.   We know we'll be leaving here (New Mexico) early next week and heading to Ohio.  We'll have some family time then leave the rig in its happy home there and drive the Scion to Baltimore in mid-November.

The Neighbors Dog
This dog lives next door to Bill's sister...  he's up on the deck, looking over the world.  Spends lots of his day doing just this.

The software company that Bill uses for his Genealogy records plans an annual cruise somewhere and this year it leaves out of Baltimore harbor and sails up to Nova Scotia with a couple of stops along the way.  It's only a week, but if you arrive early, they also plan day trips to Gettysburg, the National Archives and I think a tour of Baltimore city.

Not sure what we'll do as our daughter lived in Baltimore for 6 years while her husband was stationed at Walter Reed, in DC and we've been to those places.  But, I think Bill's interested in the National Archives...  we'll see what happens.

Early Night Sky
The Moon and way to the right.... Venus

We'd been thinking of spending the winter in either South America or Costa Rica.  Bill found a house on the west coast of Costa Rica that looks perfect for us.  Our last stay in Costa Rica was inland and as much as we enjoyed it, this time we wanted a place on the coast.  So...  after Baltimore, we'll drive back to Ohio, pick up our rig and head back to Texas.

We'll leave our rig at our daughter's place...  she'll take us to the DFW airport and we'll fly out mid-December.  This time we'll stay 3 months... returning to Texas in mid-March.  That gets us back in time to do taxes, but too early for winter to be over in the northern states.  Maybe we'll look for another gate-guarding job until the end of May.

Black-chinned Hummingbird
Either a Female or Juvenile Male.  The throat is beginning to get more purple feathers.

Just as we're making these plans, we get an e-mail from Steve, the refuge manager up at Aroostook NWR in Maine....  wants to know if we'll be returning next summer.  We took this summer off...  good thing, too, because with Bill's broken ankle he would've been real unhappy not being able to be as productive as he'd like to be.  Didn't take us 5 minutes to answer that e-mail.... yes... we'd love to go back to Maine next summer.

So...  we went from no plans to a full plate in less than a week.  We'll see all our kids and most of our grandkids before the end of the year.  Our great-granddaughter will be 2 soon, and while we'll miss her birthday, we'll see her soon.
We all know that plans aren't written in stone... but at this time, these are our plans.

Petals gone...  Seeds already devoured by the goldfinch.

Looks like autumn is well on its way...  and soon, we will be as well.

That's All For Today!


  1. That seems to be how our plans go too. We start thinking about a few places we want to go and then before you know it, we have a year or two set up.
    Enjoy Costa Rica, we've been twice. Even if you're on the coast it doesn't take very long to get into the cool mountains. Your Spanish will come in handy.

  2. Boy when you make REALLY make plans! Costa Rica for the winter...I can't wait to travel there thru your blog!

  3. Costa Rica seems like a good choice, especially since you've already had a sampling. We still haven't managed to get back to Puerto Rico since we left there in 03, even though we did take a couple trips to both Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. Different experiences, that's for sure.
    Can't quite visualize becoming part of the Florida crowd. If I'm going to be "cold", to whatever extent, then I'll just stay home.
    Always fun to have plans.

  4. I think I would prefer the gate guarding job. But, I guess I will stay home and guard my own gate (grin). I hope all your travels and plans work out and you have a great time.

  5. I love the pictures today. The dog over the fence, that's so darn cute. The hummingbird, amazing, and the moon with Venus--I love staring into the stars.

  6. love the dog... and your plans. you and Bill had to build up some kind of karma... what a charmed life you have. I'm not jealous. nor do I covet. nor am I envious. I'm not.

  7. Love the photos - plans sound good too. I spent time on the west coast of Costa Rica, but have heard the east coast is nicer.

  8. Things can just coalesce without our intervention.

    Peninsula is sorta on the way to or from Baltimore. If you'd like a lunch stop, let me know.

    Otherwise, safe journey (journies).

  9. Wow - you guys sure stay on the move! But that's great .... keeps you young! I hope you enjoy yourselves and have happy travels!

  10. Sounds like a mighty good plan to me. Enjoy!

  11. costa rica is on my short list of places to spend extended time so will be anxious to read about your adventures...