Along the Natchez Trace

Monday, September 23, 2013

Gettin' in the Groove...

What the Heck?
(Michelle... scroll right past this)

We're back on the farm...  kind of what's left of it.  
We're in "our" spot...  backed right up to the edge of the woods.  
Bill's been busy...  using Round Up on the poison ivy that's decided it has squatters rights since last time we were here. Filling in potholes in the driveway....  figuring out what's missing since the last time we were here.  (more of that later)

And....  speaking of "in the groove" and "squatters rights"
Looks like a milk snake...  kinda skinny....  maybe a foot long, but still managed to make its way up part way through the siding on the barn/house.  We knew it wasn't poisonous (look at that long, pointy tail... and the head isn't "arrowhead" shaped")...  so we found a 5 gallon bucket... kind of diverted it into that, and Bill carried the bucket (with snake inside) off to a place it would be better appreciated.

What can I say?  Hey... I could tell you the story of the 6' black snake that was in our stair well...  but... nope...  many of you don't want to know about that.  
Truth is, even though I had a hard time with a bite from a poisonous copperhead many years ago, I really like snakes and give them a lot of credit for keeping other nasty critters at bay.

We woke up this morning to a lot of carrying on in the shrubs outside our rig.  
A whole flock of cedar waxwings were after whatever berries those are about 6' from us.  Bill had thought they were spicebush...  or maybe service berry...  but upon closer scrutiny (no spicy smell), neither of us really know what they are.  I'll HAVE to find out soon.

I put out a couple of bird feeders...  have already had quite a few chickadees and titmice, but because I'm in Ohio and the cardinal is the State Bird...
This will have to be the "poster child" of today.

That apple tree it's perched on is one of Bill's plantings from many years ago.  As you can tell, it has suffered from some kind of blight this summer.  (the tree, not the bird)
That's what happens when the "stewards" of the land aren't here to oversee.

Hey... I got lucky today!
Stopped by the eye doctors to (hopefully) get an appt...  the receptionist kindly told me that she had an opening right after Thanksgiving.
What! We'll be long gone by then.
She looked again to see if she had any cancellations.  Can you believe!  This Thursday at 10:15 I have an appt to get my eyes checked!  WOW!  
I knew it was my lucky day... I found a dime in the parking lot of the laundromat where I did our laundry this morning...  THEN I found a parking space near the downtown area within a block of the Aveda salon where I buy shampoo.  I mean folks, what else could a woman ask for?

Got an e-mail from my daughter...  she and Glenn will drive from New York Friday... be here all weekend.  I am SO looking forward to seeing them.  I can't remember the last time I saw both my kids together at the same time....  way too many years!  My son lives here.....  my daughter lives in NY....  I'm thrilled!

Okay... yeah... we're gettin' in the groove....
Back home...  back on the Ridge....  back to being Mom and Grandma and .... (for those of you who've followed me for a while)...  Mrs. Bish.

That's All For Today!


  1. Can't believe that snake is going right up that groove! He just fits. Enjoy your visit with your son and daughter. That will be so nice for all of you to be together.

  2. I like snakes. Beautiful creatures. I bet you are going to enjoy your family get-to-gether.

  3. ... sure is a tiny snake. The Cardinal is Ohio's State bird... how beautiful... the Mockingbird is Arkansas' ... you wear many hats as do most of us women... ;)

  4. Is it time to settle down already? Well, you'll have to figure out how to keep snakes and other critters out of your hair. So good to see you at my blog. Thank you for the visit.

  5. Yikes! I don't really like snakes.
    It was your lucky's so grand when things just go that way.
    Have fun with the kids.

  6. You are one brave woman, if I had once been bitten by a snake I'm afraid no snake would be safe around me. Our granddaughter Laci was bitten by a rattlesnake in our driveway when she was only six years old--to this day (she is 23 now) she is totally terrified of snakes.

  7. Didn't you have a snake in your bathroom in Costa Rica? Or am I confused.

  8. Sounds like that snake got lucky. I doubt it would have fared so well with others who may have found in hanging around:)

  9. I'm not much of a snake person I have to say. Not sure where that came from since I've never been bitten, but I'd be using the bucket too.
    Always a good idea to check in on the property from time to time. Sucks when "things go missing", but you just have to chock it up to not being there and leave it be.
    There are still a couple things that I can't seem to locate or have "gone missing" from around here, but that's the way she goes.

  10. I like snakes although I don't like being "surprised" by them, especially if they're dangerous. But your milk snake looks like he's just searching to find his "Groove"