Along the Natchez Trace

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Normal Tuesday... Whatever that is....

Thank y'all for your comments concerning my photos.  I may (or may not...) have learned something...  well, of course I learned something...  and y'all gave me some insight on what I might be able to do to clarify matters.  So...  on to today....

We decided to take the bus to the Mega store....  we buy nearly all of our veggies, fruit and meat/fish here in Lo de Marcos...  no need to go elsewhere when we can get it here and help support the town we're living in.
We're first on the bus line (or last, depending on which direction you're going)...  and in the morning we never have to stand.  Coming home the bus is loaded!  One perk in being an old woman is that even though the bus is totally full, almost always some young guy gets up and gives me a seat.  So, ladies, chivalry is NOT dead!

But...  some things either aren't available here or we just don't know where to go to buy them...

I need racks to hang dishtowels on.  Ok... I needed dishtowels a few weeks ago...  this place didn't have any, so I bought what we'd need.  But...  no place to hang them.

I also needed a sieve...  I really wanted a colander, but couldn't find any at all.  Closest I could come was a sieve...  it will work.  

I like different kinds of cheeses...  nothing fancy or special... no brie or camembert...  nope just oaxaca kinds of cheese .... or the kind you can crumble up and put on your frioles...  The store down the street has some really good cheddar, but I knew what I wanted....

And Zyrtec...  I have allergies...  here you buy meds 1 pill at a time...  that's okay if you need an imodium and hope you get over your "inconvenience" the next day.   With my allergies, I wanted a months' supply,,,  

 Speaking of such...  the banos here are a bit different in the stores...  you take what TP you need from a dispenser out by the sinks...  take it into the stall with you... and when you're done with it, you dispose of it... not in the toilet, but into the trash bin that is beside the toilet.  We're used to this in Mexico...  probably due to inadequate sewage systems...  You just adjust and go on your way...

I had to laugh as we waited for the return bus to Lo de Marcos...
There are at least 6 people here...  the semi-trailer van is parked to the right...  (in the bus stop zone)...  the occupants apparently bought their food at the Mega and set up a table (and the make-shift chairs are overturned shopping carts)...  and put out their spread.  Heck... I think I'm innovative, and these folks put me to shame!

Anyway...  we got home around 11:00...  and minutes seconds after getting off the bus back in Lo de Marcos, we ran into 2 friends of ours, and as we stood and talked, a 3rd friend joined us in the conversation...  and... yet a 4th friend drove past in his VW bug!  Memo likens Lo de Marcos to being on a cruise ship...  you just keep running into the same folks over and over again.

A view of the mountains and jungle from the bus window...  There are little pockets of "towns", but a lot of wild jungle for miles in between.

As soon as we got back home we had a quick lunch, then started out on a walk...  
This man had harvested a bunch of coconuts from somewhere (the palms along the river?)...  and he was getting them ready to sell.  He'll use his machete to chop off the upper most...  stick a straw in, and sell the coconut milk as a quick refreshment.  I've never really liked this, so we said "no, gracias" and walked on.

And another new sight...
Watching these guys stucco this new concrete wall...
That man would just slap a trowel full of mortar onto the wall and smear it around.  I'm sure it's more complex than that, but he sure made it look easy.

We saw our friend, Christian, on the river path...  He showed us this banana tree he'd planted...
He told us to come back next year and we could have some ripe bananas!  But he also asked if we wanted some bananas right then...  he had some green ones in his yard that would ripen soon.  We thanked him, but declined.  Bill likes bananas, but there's just so many a person can eat in one day.

The river is up again...  the sand is over the inlet so it will continue to rise.  This cacique was flitting around in a palm tree.  I love seeing their bright yellow colors!

Bill spotted this little Green heron among the foliage along the bank.  It was so still, he thought at first it was just some driftwood.

We headed on home...  saw this group of school kids on the corner...
You can see the town Plaza in the background.  This town is so safe a person of any age can wander around at any hour and be just fine.

We did see this van on our way home...  some big attraction is coming soon...  too early (Jan 16) to be "carnival" ..  meaning the day before Ash Wednesday, but I haven't checked out exactly what it means.

Doesn't matter...  there's always something going on!

That's All for Today!


  1. The town plaza does look charming. I read all the interesting things you had to say this time and all I kept focusing on was the toilet paper issue. Every so often we come across a toilet like that here ("Please don't dispose of toilet paper in toilet..." etc.). Whenever that happens, I just leave. I'm not big on using public toilets anyway, but the idea of soiled toilet paper sitting in a plastic waste basket right next to me? I could become constipated for days!

  2. Everydays is always a new experience, glad you are enjoying it there.

  3. The toilet paper, does that make for a smelly bathroom? I use pit toilets a lot around the parks and rivers here and they can get a bit overwhelming in the smell department. Your days sound busy and bright. The sunshine in your photos is making me jealous! We've been entrenched in rain for some time here.

  4. Always enjoy reading your blog posting. You write about everything that you experience during your travels and share it with us. Great job and great pictures.

  5. Thanks for the toilet story, Sharon. Now my husband is trying to explain the merits of both sides of this issue. This is detail I could live without :( Thanks!

  6. The stucco job is interesting. The wall has so much texture already, I'd just go for a coat of whitewash. Tom Sawyer style.