Along the Natchez Trace

Thursday, January 28, 2016

One Of Those Days...

Woke to rain this morning...  only the 2nd time we've had rain in the 6 weeks we've been here.  But we figured it wouldn't last...  so I did some laundry anyway and hung it out on the balcony.

We went for a walk...
Kinda hard to see, but there's a rainbow stretching from one side of this photo to the other....
I wore my rain jacket when we went on our morning walk..  more to keep my camera dry in case the rain got more intense than to keep me dry....  but it never did rain really hard.

But the critters were kinda hunkered down.....
You'd think this heron is really cold from the way he's standing...  but it really wasn't cold at all...  just drizzling enough to get wet if you stayed out in it long enough.

Who knows what these two are thinking....
A great blue heron and a snowy egret...  checking out what's in the sea water as the tide brings it into the inlet...  or maybe checking out what the water in the river has in it as it flows back into the sea.

Kind of a quiet day... we took the bus down to the Mega store....  I needed some things I can't find here in Lo de Marcos, and it was an opportunity for us to show Greg and Francine how the local bus system works.  We really don't buy much down there, we mostly shop local, but it makes for a change from our every-day life here.  

By the time we got back it was well after our usual lunch time...  so we had a snack, then I fixed dinner later.  Like I said...  just a quiet day here.

One thing we buy that just cracks me up...  
We buy our TP (toilet paper) here in Lo de Marcos...  actually we try to spread our purchases out among several shops to kind of distribute what monies we spend here...  but anyway...  it was time to buy TP again...
Maybe I'm just a cynical kind of person, but come'on now...
Who the heck would put this label on toilet paper, of all things?
I find nothing adorable about TP....  it's just a necessary item we all use...  2 ply is better,  but how many of us really consider a name as the reason to buy?  In the States I buy Charmin....  don't give it a thought...  but this "Adorable" brand just tickles my funny bone.  

Yeah...  it's been a long day.

That's All For Today!


  1. What about Charmin TP's advertising campaign with those bears shitting in the woods?

  2. Certainly those birds aren't thinking positive thoughts about each other. Unlike the TP.

  3. Love some of the interesting signs and names for items in Mexico always interesting.

  4. You are funny Sharon! When we went to Mexico our friends who own a home in Alamos warned us to bring plenty of toilet paper, they disliked the stuff available for purchase in Mexico--and coffee, bring coffee they said so we did as we were traveling in a 5th wheel.

  5. And I bought boring old Kleenex TP. Yours says it neutralizes odours ... now that's useful ;)

  6. What!?!?! You don't think your TP is adorable?? (grin) Gee, maybe I am the only one who doesn't think it is adorable. Just remember this brand when someone calls you "adorable". . .

  7. I buy Scotts, a single 1000 piece roll, cheap and can last a long time. Kittens are adorable. Not TP. It is useful, at least. I love the Heron Egret photo. Raining here too.

  8. I have seen egrets twice in my life; you get them every day. I'm jealous. Beautiful new header.