Along the Natchez Trace

Friday, January 15, 2016

Crossed the Highway....

Yep!  We did something different today...  instead of hiking to San Pancho (which we will do soon), this week, Memo had other plans....  we'd hike up to Bobbi and Marci's place...  they have built a house up on the mountain...  and...  are starting a banana plantation.

Only 4 of us showed up for today's walk...  Memo (on the right) posts the time/place on Facebook, and whoever shows up at the ARCH....  THE place to meet (town plaza - I need to write about this soon)...  and so... there's Nancy, Bill, Chris and Memo....  and I'm the one taking the photo.

We walked down the street...  away from the sea...  to Highway 200...  (very busy highway)...  walked across that...  and headed up a dirt road...

Walking wasn't bad...  I did wear my New Balance walking shoes instead of my sandals.... wasn't sure what the terrain would be like and I don't have the best balance in the world...

Memo has been here long enough to know various trees etc....  he showed us a tree that the "fruit", when totally dry, can be used as a loffa sponge...  and showed us the trees that are choked to death by a plum tree... (interesting story in itself)...  and things like that.

A rusted gate...  standing all alone as the entrance to ????   who knows?  The customs (and laws) are very different here than in the States, and seeing a locked gate like this can mean any number of things.

We walked up "Cardiac Hill"...  and the funny thing was... none of we four "new" hikers even thought it was hard going...  actually, we asked a while later when we'd be coming to it.  But maybe if we'd been on bicycles we'd had a totally different perspective about how steep it was.

This field will soon be planted in pineapples.
I don't know much about this...  don't know who owns it... who will be planting...  or where the market is.  Guess I should have asked...

Here are some pineapple cutting ready to be planted...
We'll have to walk back here soon to see what's being done....

We did see a few birds along the road....
 A Ringed Kingfisher...

And, much to our delight...  
These parrots were carrying on overhead as we were walking down the road....

 A view from the house/banana plantation we were visiting... 
The owners are fairly reclusive, so I won't show any photos of their home or of them...  they were gracious enough to give us a tour of their place, and believe me... they have a gorgeous place with a wonderful view.  Obviously, they are working hard at making this a place that they can not only enjoy, but a place that will provide them with some income in the near future.

 As we were walking back down the road, these two folks overtook us...
I don't know if the man in the lead was taking the lady on a "paid" trail ride or if they were just out for a morning ride...  whatever....  we stopped and talked for a few minutes...  they headed on...  so did we.

Memo "advertises" this as a 2 hour hike, but...  with only the 4 of us, it became a social event as well...  we stopped at the Pemex (gas station) on the way back and got a coffee or juice, then sat down on a nearby wall and chatted a while.  I think Bill & I got home around 11:00, which was just fine.    We got  some insight into how other "non Mexicans" live here as well as getting caught up on what's going on in the neighborhood.

Really, Can a person ask for more?

That's All for Today!


  1. Looks like anothert wonderful hike, we much prefer the smaller groups as well

  2. Wish I had a fraction of your stamina.

  3. Lovely walk! I miss having somewhere to walk that isn't walking in the streets here, and dodging cars. Somewhere there's some nature and not just concrete and cars. Nowhere in this county to walk, unless I drive to the mountains beyond Sweet Home. Love the parrots, bet they had opinions.

  4. You two always seem to get a lot of exercise and what a lovely way to get it, walking through beautiful country.

  5. Do they just stick those cuttings in the ground and a new pineapple plant begins?

  6. I'm looking forward to you being our tour guides, but I'm not sure we can do those longer routes :(