Along the Natchez Trace

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Around Town....

We were heading up the street to the tianguis (farmer's market/bazaar) this morning and as we turned the corner from our street onto the main street, this is what we saw....
Nobody was around...  just this parked bicycle with a hand of bananas beside it.
You just never know what you'll see around here...

And on another street...
A truckload of Jackfruit for sale...
We walk past a tree that has this fruit on it...  Memo told us it was a Yucca tree.  Since we were familiar with breadfruit and jackfruit in Costa Rica, I googled it.  I had misunderstood Memo...  (really should wear my hearing aids every day)  it comes from a Yaca tree....  it's in the mulberry family and is common in SE Asia as well as South American countries.  We've tried it but it's not really a fruit I like.

And we saw our first Painted Buntings along the river path...
There was a whole flock of them but the darned things wouldn't hold still long enough for good shots.  The females are all green...  this male is just gorgeous!   (maybe the female is green with envy?)

We're pretty sure this is a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher...
He's not showing any white under his eye,...  he does have a white belly and his tail feathers are white along the sides.  Tiny little bird...  and flits around....  so if he's not a Blue-gray, I'm betting he's closely related.

We also saw this on the river path...
This iguana had the longest tail I've ever seen on one!
He stayed in the shadows...  then crossed the road and climbed high into a tree.  We've been seeing iguanas more often lately...  kinda neat!

My favorite photo of the day...
The river is still high...  this man was riding his horse across and stopped for it to take a drink.  If you look closely you can see an egret along the bank on the left.  This is a very pretty spot along the river and there's always something of interest here.

And...  Mother Nature has her way...
I have no idea how long ago that brick and concrete wall was put up...  that tree could have just been a sapling back then.  But it grew...  and grew....  and grew some more.  You just can't fool your Mom!

Having a wall around your yard is quite common here.  Sometimes there's a gate to enter...  and sometimes the wall is just a high, wrought-iron fence.  I'm always peeking in to see what's there.
We were surprised to see these tomato plants between these two buildings.  Looked to be several dozen of then, and they were flourishing!  I haven't seen that many gardens here, but then, I just peek in...  don't often have access to see what's beyond the gate.

It's also fairly common to see cars with flat tires or other "disabilities" parked along the side streets..
I think this one has been here a while....
Maybe it's a "work in progress" kind of thing, I don't know....

We live on the 2nd floor of this building and the cleaning lady does laundry up on the roof.  I'd never climbed the steps before and finally went up to check it out...
This is looking down onto the buildings next to us and across the street.   
There are automatic washers in a laundry room on our roof (maybe a drier, I don't know)...  but mostly there are lots and lots of clotheslines with sheets and towels drying in the air.  Most folks here hang their laundry out... whether on a clothesline or even a fence.  But really, the view from up on the roof is quite impressive!

That's All For Today!


  1. You know I'm up early when I'm your first comment ... and I've been up a while :( I don't normally critique your photos, as I just enjoy them, but I did notice they're particularly clear and detailed today. Love the really colourful bird. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So many fun interesting things to see there. Why not hang the laundry out, sunshine and warm dry air dries so fast.

  3. Love the male Painted Bunting. Did you try the sports setting on your camera as I suggested?
    I remember as a child even during the winter months helping my mother to hang washed clothes out to dry. They always had a fresh smell back then.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. The Painted Bunting photo is stunning, beautiful. Man on drinking horse, love that one also. Wish we could line dry here, would save dryer electricity money. When the dryer was broken, drying over doors in the house took forever. We don't have the climate for line drying anything. Line wetting, now that we can do.

  5. I think it would take me weeks to eat something as large as that jackfruit. I like the photo of the tree busting through the wall.

  6. That's a beautiful painted bunting! There are so many pretty birds in that area.

    It has been our experience that the Mexicans will use an electric washer if they have one but only to swish the clothes around in for a while and then take them out and scrub by hand and rinse and then hang them up. At least that is the way our Mexican friends down in Puerto Escondido do it. Most Mexicans don't use/own a dryer because the electricity costs them too much if they were to use it, plus clothes generally dry really fast here anyways.

  7. We have been around some pretty big iguanas and I am always a bit Leary considering their speed and teeth:)