Along the Natchez Trace

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Unexpected Entertainment....

I had a whole different blog planned for today...  yeah, more birds and stuff we saw Saturday...  but then we went for our afternoon walk.

 It started quietly enough...  saw this guy riding his horse down the street.   Being the keen observers that we are, both Bill & I commented on the post hole digger and that old fashioned milk can.
We walked on.    We spoke to the old guy who has his rocker out on the sidewalk (sometimes in the street), and I even tried to kick a soccer ball back to a kid who was playing around.  Darned near fell over the thing...  we both laughed.

On past the ballfield...  a baseball game was in progress.  All's normal...  
But then we heard mooing...  lots of mooing...  We got to the corner....
 Hey...  this isn't Pamplona... we aren't in Spain...  they don't have running with the bulls here....  do they?  Of course not...  this guy is leading this herd of cattle down the river road.  
Now.... get this...  this guy was talking to the cows as he led them down the road...  he was definitely their leader and he had control.  I have no idea what he was saying...  but that herd of cattle knew and followed right along.

 A few got distracted by that luscious looking grass...

 And that horny bull was quite interested in all the young lady cows...  he decided to take advantage of the mayhem that the cattle drive created.  I'm standing right behind that concrete utility pole...  no fool me....  

 Those heifers could care less about their suitor...  they just want to get this drive over with.
Little do they know that they have several miles to go before they'll be in their home pasture again.
Remember my post of our walk to Los Lomas?  Well, we walked through their destination...  yes... they'll have steep hills and rough terrain to go through.  Fernando was at the tail end of this drive and stopped and talked with Bill....  these are his grandfather's cattle going to their alternate pasture....  the same path we just took!

 They pretty much played "follow the leader"...  but had a little help keeping them on the road and not stopping for a little snack along the way.  Those newly planted trees the road crew recently put in are leafing up nicely...  could be a tasty treat to these guys.

 These 3 men followed along behind...  just to make sure there were no stragglers.  I see they have their lariats just in case....

 Bill and I walk this road at least once, usually twice, every day.  It's kind of interesting to look at it through different eyes today...   I wondered where they were going...  this road leads to the beach...

 You turn off and go through this residential part of town...  
Sure enough...  right past the houses, kids, dogs, cars...  and whatever else is around.

These dogies moved on!  They got through the town central... right past the plaza, before we could catch up!  Fernando was in his truck stopping traffic at the plaza so the cattle drive could move quickly past and onto the road leading to their new pasture land.

 Nah...  the truck didn't run over this dog...
You see the cattle up ahead?  Well, they left a few gifts in the street...  much to the dog's delight!

 He must have thought manna dropped from heaven....

The cattle drive moved on....  off to greener pastures...
And the dog, having rolled in, tasted and totally enjoyed their passing, had to mark his territory.
Does he really think he's the alpha critter of those cattle?  Well...  maybe he is!

I'll post that other blog another day...  but...

That's All For Today!


  1. Cows playing leapfrog and that dog! What visions.

  2. Every day is an adventure. You two are sure living it up.

  3. Sure do love the watch the locals on the smaller town, so interesting.

  4. That was a hilarious story, full of the unexpected. Sorry we missed that one.

  5. The dog waited till the cows passed I notice before deciding it's alpha, wisely.

  6. You need to remind that dog that a job is never complete until the paper work is done (grin). Here in the states when they have a parade with horses and such, they have a fellow who walks behind and cleans up after them. At least they did where I lived up in Pennsylvania.

  7. Ah, small village life, where the dogs are happier than the cattle.

  8. Nothing like living in a rural area for free entertainment:)

  9. That's quite a cattle drive and the dog rolling in the cow pies. Oh my. That poor bull, driven by hormones. Let's free him! Just kidding. I would not neuter that bull, not without anesthesia or a very tight cattle guard. Oh just silly dreams.

  10. Seems you'll have to watch where you're walking down that road for a while. ;)

  11. Your description of the cattle drive gives information and is a hoot with all the details. Yes this many cattle would leave lots of slippery deposits.