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Monday, January 18, 2016

Mixed Reviews....

It's been one of those days...  some good, some not so good....

Let's get the not so good out of the way first.  The rental agency we used for this place isn't the only agency the owner of the bungalows uses for securing renters.  Apparently the two agencies have very different ideas of the type of place this is.  We rented, with a 3 month agreement, a bungalow, several blocks from the beach, with WiFi, and were told it would be furnished.  Well...  there's been several problems, but we've mostly worked them out.  The WiFi situation isn't what it was supposed to be...  today they even changed the security code without informing us.  It's frustrating...  and if I think it's frustrating for us, you should hear another renter (from Iowa) telling us how he's using the internet to translate a book he's writing.  Needless to say, he's terribly frustrated.  The big thing for us is the weekend "guests" that arrive in droves...  partying all hours of the night...  laughter, yelling, loud music, loud kids, barking dogs...  damn!  The group here this weekend occupies several units, so they are on both sides of us as well as down on the first floor.  They run from room to room and several times have mistaken our unit as one of their own.  Today a woman walked in and started to set a pan of food on our table before she realized her mistake.  Kids run up and down the outside hallway, banging on doors (yes, ours included) and sometimes stop and knock loudly, thinking they're at a friends.  So...  for anyone we've recommended this place...  the jury's still out.  Stay turned for further developments.

That said...  here are some very appropriate photos I took today...
This is a Reddish Egret...  
Catches a persons eye quickly as their foraging behavior is so distinctive:  running, spinning and flapping while literally chasing fish through shallow water....

Quite a display, huh?

Well,  our Spanish isn't good enough to converse with the owner and he knows no English...  sometimes I feel like we're just flapping around getting nowhere.  Our rental agent is working with us on this.

I did say there was some good to write about...
Well, y'all know how avid I am about geocaching.  I got a message from the geocache website that there'll be special souvenirs if you attend an event and/or find a cache on Leap Year weekend.  Well, there just aren't any caches hidden down here, and an event?  dream on.  So...  I was telling our new friend Memo about this...  he's retired from a career in marketing, but has brought his talents to Lo de Marcos.  He really works at promoting Lo de Marcos in all ways...  just my good luck that he he picked right up on this and has already joined the geocache group and is organizing an event for Feb 29th.  AND...  he's working on hiding some caches in the area...  
What a guy!  

Not many photos today...  that crazy Reddish Egret pretty much says it all.

That's All For Today!


  1. Such a shame about the rental. We wouldn't have lasted a week. We rented an upscale apartment in Sevilla for holiday before we moved to Spain. It was nothing like you're experiencing but it was also nothing like it was described (and that was directly by the owner). As for the excellent WiFi, fortunately there was an internet café a few minutes away. Otherwise we'd still be waiting for an email message to download. So glad you've got that egret. Amazing photos!

  2. Too bad about all the noise and commotion, When there is holdren around it gets noisy and young families and singles like to party as well. Good luck.

  3. The big thing for us is the weekend "guests" that arrive in droves... partying all hours of the night... laughter, yelling, loud music, loud kids, barking dogs...

    Welcome to Mexico! Smile and enjoy. Monday comes soon enough.

  4. I love the reflections in the water!
    Your plight takes me back to my traveling days; when there could be hoards of partying children staying overhead in a motel. Calls to the front desk were made but seldom helped. In the morning I would be demanding a discount or a free night, as I did not get what I expected--a night's sleep.

  5. Ohio doesn't sound so bad right about now, does it? OH yeh, I forgot, it is winter time up that away.

  6. You guys have had way more patience than I ever would have--that's only one reason we've opted out of going back to Mexico--the noise. Hope you get some resolution soon!

  7. or maybe I should have said Que Lastima!

  8. That's cool Memo is doing that, sounds organized and efficient. Your living situation sounds um, deceptive.