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Monday, January 25, 2016

Chicken Every Sunday....

We had read (there are fliers on different public bulletin boards... or walls...  in town) that there was a free "Spay and Neuter Clinic" being held at the library today.  I was curious as to how many folks here actually brought their cats or dogs in for this procedure, as we've heard that many folks (men) in this place do not believe in having male dogs neutered.
The clinic started at 8:30, so we walked by just to see what was going on.
I talked with the lady in red...  she was bringing in a friend's dog (the black ears you can see).  While she is a snowbird, she's been coming here for over a dozen years and is quite familiar with the people and customs here.  She said she had the permission papers from the owner, as well as the dog's vet history...  and that she'd be the one taking care of the post-surgery recovery.  She told me that the clinic is held once a month with maybe a dozen dogs and cats being seen each time.  A man came out (looked like he might be a volunteer to help with the critters) and checked the dog for ticks or other visible problems.  The line formed right inside the door, so I couldn't see what all was going on.
Quite a different use for the local library, huh?

Since we were already several blocks from home, we just kept on walking.  I had my camera, but Bill hadn't brought the binoculars...  but what the heck...  we'll head to a road we seldom take...  the road past the lagoon on to a remote beach.

 Almost immediately we spotted this bird...
It doesn't really look like a grackle...  nor does it look like an ani...  
and what's with that beak?

I don't know if this is normal, and I just can't ID the bird, or if it had some birth (egg?) defect or mishap later.  Any thoughts?

 But on we went...  and something caught my eye...
Even though it kept bouncing around among the leaves, we saw this Russet-crowned Motmot.
First one we've seen here.

We also saw a flock of...
Striped-back Sparrow
They were flitting in and out of low clumps of bushes which were behind a woven-wire fence.  Why is it that these birds like to hide?

I have no idea what kind of palm tree this is, but doesn't it have an unusual shape?  Looks like a peacock to me.

I was attempting to get a photo of an orange and yellow lantana flower...  but this butterfly landed right on it...  it sure looks worse for wear, doesn't it?

You may be used to seeing your neighbor wash his car in his driveway, but how often do you get to watch a man wash his horse?  Lathering it up and everything!

A new pizza place opened around the corner from us....  we decided to give it a try last night...
A medium, vegetarian pizza... cost 140 pesos....  about $8.00 American dollars.  
We had 3 beers left in the fridge....  I made some michaladas to go with the pizza.  
A small bottle of clamato juice, Maggi Jugo (like worchestershire) sauce, hot sauce, lime juice...  and the beer....  served over ice.  We don't have the right kind of glasses...  so I served the drink in wine glasses.  We're not picky....

The pizza, michaladas and listening to Prairie Home Companion on my laptop made for a very enjoyable evening.

Oh...  Chicken Every Sunday....
There are at least 2, probably more, places close to us that sell either rotisserie or grilled chickens on Sunday.  I've written about them before, but for several Sunday's now, we've bought one for our Sunday dinner.  They have a sign-up sheet where you put down your name, which type of chicken you want, and if you want potatoes, onions or peppers with it....  and the time you want to pick it up.  The first week we wanted to pick ours up at 5:00...  but that's a very popular time...  they are so busy and the line is long.  So now we pick ours up at 4:00....  along with some grilled onions and jalepenos....  and between the two of us, we finish off the whole meal.   It's become a Sunday tradition in this household!

In answer to ....  about camera settings...  I didn't bring the instruction manual with me, but I do not see anything that indicates a sport setting on either camera I use.  I do change the speed sometimes...  especially if I want to take an action shot...  like seeing the water drops in the waves.  I do appreciate the suggestions and if not right now, hope to delve further into this when I have the manual etc.. in front of me.

And one other thing...  there IS going to be a follow-up about hummingbird feeders...  but not for another week or so.
It's complicated ;-)

That's All For Today!


  1. That "peacock palm" is a beauty! It's a Ravenala madagascariensis, also known as Traveller's Tree or Traveller's Palm, but it's not really a palm. It's related to the Giant Bird of Paradise.

  2. We loved the "chicken lady" on stone Island when we were there excellent meal and very resonably

  3. I can't believe the library would allow surgery to go on inside. What about the smell? Very strange.

    I have never seen a beak on a bird like that. Very unique.

    The chicken looks delicious.

  4. Yep, that tree sure does look like a peacock to me. So, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck, then it might just be a duck. Therefore, that must be a peacock palm, right?

  5. One of my jobs as a kid was to twash th the horses, but never in front of the house:)

  6. We saw several mot-mots in Colombia but we have never seen one in Mexico so that was pretty cool that you managed to see one. Love the chicken in Mexico, it is so delicious!

    You may be able to find the manual for your camera online and then either read it from there or download it.

  7. Ah, the complicated part of the hummingbird feeder is making sure I get it there intact ... I was going to say in one piece, but it's really not ;) See you soon!

  8. I think I'd have chicken every Sunday too, minus the jalapenos of course...

  9. Just a suggestion to download the camera from the manufacturer website. I do that for each of our cameras. Save space & it is easy to navigate on the phone or on our tablet.

    Looks like you are having a great visit in Mexico. We are leaving for Australia for 5 weeks on February 3. PLan on renting a RV (caravan) for a week or so.

  10. Just a suggestion to download the camera from the manufacturer website. I do that for each of our cameras. Save space & it is easy to navigate on the phone or on our tablet.

    Looks like you are having a great visit in Mexico. We are leaving for Australia for 5 weeks on February 3. PLan on renting a RV (caravan) for a week or so.

  11. That's awesome they are trying to get the animals fixed and vaccinated, even if just 12 at a time. I have a friend who lives part time in mexico and they've gotten a lot of the local stray cats, dogs fixed when they are spending their months there. I love to hear this! Made my blog reading day in fact.