Along the Natchez Trace

Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year's Day....

I woke up about 11:50 last night...  to the sound of firecrackers...  then more firecrackers...  then loud music and partying.  We knew to expect this as 2 pick-up trucks, both beds loaded with luggage, pulled into the complex of bungalows yesterday afternoon... folks kept arriving...  and the party began.  Someone shut the music off at 4:30 this morning...  and I'm wondering how inebriated everyone was, as the music didn't even sound happy at that hour.  Heck, if it had been mariachi or something like that, I wouldn't have minded, but it sure wasn't anything lively and fun.  I went to sleep shortly afterwards, and when I got up at 5:30 I considered playing Beethoven's concertos real loud, but figured the party goers....  kids and all...  were dead to the world by then.

So... instead, I did some laundry, cut up all the veggies and made pico de gallo, and did the rest of my morning chores.  By 9:00, Bill & I were out the door for a walk...

It's been very overcast....  very humid....  the past few days.  Not good "photo taking" weather.  You can tell the beach isn't very populated this morning... probably a lot of folks sleeping in...

We came across this on the river path...
Nope...  not really a monkey, but I'll tell you, that guy could scale that tree as if he were a monkey.  He was trying to get up to the coconuts and cut some down for the man and his son in the photo on the right.  I think he only got 2...  maybe the others weren't ready.  It was funny watching him walk right up that tree trunk!

We watched this guy net fishing for a while...
Kinda reminded me of the herons and egrets...  he'd stalk quietly through the water, then quickly cast his net towards the bank.  We only saw one tiny fish he'd caught, but he put it in a bag that was secured in the water and it appeared to have several others.

Northern Mockingbird
It took a while for me to identify this guy...  most time you'll hear their repetitious song long before you see them...  but I never did hear him sing.

Another beautiful butterfly....
Very similar to the Red-spotted purple I see in the States...   just something else to ID later.

I don't know where the riders are...
Since I've not seen any saloons... or bars of any kind...  here in this town, maybe the caballeros are off getting a hot tamale...

We took another walk in the afternoon...  decided to scout out some unknown territory...
We walked through streets on the south side of town...  big houses...  beautiful landscaping..  and...  notice the Canadian flag in the upper left photo...

We're guessing most of these belong to (mostly) Canadians, some Americans...  but either ex-pats or folks who bought land and built homes here to live 6 months or so each year.

There seems to be a whole community back there...  including several small RV parks we haven't seen before.  Looks like another area we'll have to explore.

Well, my Mom's tradition was to have ham and cabbage on New Year's Day...  she said it brought good luck in the coming year.  I've fixed some combination of that for many New Year's dinners...  but tonight...  gonna break that tradition...  chicken and veggies...  don't even have any cabbage in the house.  Maybe since we're a long way from Ohio it just won't matter here. 

That's All For Today!


  1. In the south we eat black eyed peas and hog jowl (I don't eat the hog jowl!) for luck in the New Year--yesterday was the first time in my life I think I haven't eaten black eyed peas--none in the house and felt too bad to go to the grocery store! Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year, sounds like you celebrated in you almost sleeping mode.
    Chocken is goos to eat anytime.

  3. Your walks are sure entertaining.
    Even though we are in Texas, we had our Ohio New Year dinner...pork, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and of course, applesauce.

  4. Maybe that Canadian flag is a long lost cousin of ours and we can come and visit him/her? No special dinner for us, so let's hope we didn't jinx our year!

  5. I had fried cabbage with bacon, onions, and garlic. It was tasty! Love the beautiful butterflies.

  6. My neighborhood is so old and staid nowadays, even the neighbors with a shooting range were not out celebrating in their yard.

  7. I keep threatening to get up real early New Year's Day and put off a lot of fire crackers or shoot a few clips full of ammo, just to get even with those people who keep me awake and scare my oldest pup. OH NO, no cabbage, you are really tempting fate (grin). Just so you don't feel alone, I didn't have any either.

  8. We were also awakened to fireworks the big loud bang ones and the nice pretty ones. We looked out the front windshield at the pretty ones from across the lake a ways. They were literally all around us. It went on for about a half hour or so and then things quietened down and we went back to sleep.