Along the Natchez Trace

Monday, January 11, 2016

Domingo ....

 I went to 7:00 mass this morning... ate a quick breakfast consisting of a pina empanada before I went, so when I got back home shortly after 8:00 I was hungry.  I asked Bill if he'd like a big breakfast of chorizo, eggs, potatoes etc., that I had all the ingredients in the fridge.  He suggested that instead we walk up the street to Clarita's.  We've walked past it several times, but you have to walk through a series of shops to get back to the restaurant and we've just never gone.  We figured it would be open by 9:00 so we waited a while...  and off we went.   (turns out it opened at 8:00)

 After you walk through the other shops, you follow the hallway to an open patio dining area in the back.  There are beautiful banner-like cloths over the patio....  very colorful and lively.  Each section of the walls are painted a different color.  The dining area is much like a courtyard...  8' high or so block walls on 3 sides, giving privacy and space for tables.   the area looks like it could easily seat 50 or more people.  

We were the only ones there at first...  we ordered our usual orange juice and then each ordered a breakfast burrito...
There was a side of shredded (maybe) carrots?...  and jicama.  The orange veggie didn't really taste like carrots, but I don't know what it was.  There were also slices of various fruits.  The burritos were delicious...  quite large and filling.

 After breakfast we headed on down the street...  towards the sea.  The streets are nearly deserted this early (10:00) early on Sunday mornings.  You can see the coblestone streets...  that's a dog sleeping on the left...  and two dogs sleeping on the right.
A truck did drive by...  carefully weaving his way over the tope (the raised area just above the dog's head on the right.)...  and around the dogs.  We see lots of dogs on the streets here, but they seem to be street wise... and traffic really doesn't move very fast.

 We walked past the church where I'd gone to 7:00 mass...  10:00 mass was just about to start....
 At the left, you can see the man in the white shirt ringing the church bell.  It's rung once a half hour before services, again once fifteen minutes before services, then maybe 25 times when services are about to begin.  You can see the priest and the opening procession about to begin at the upper right.

We walked past the church...  about one more block to the beach and the sea.  The sea was still angry with big waves today and the sands have been washed clean.  I've never seen any shells washed up here....  I don't know the dynamics of this particular area, but not all beaches have sea shells.  We walked past the turtle camp...
Looked into the enclosure....  looks like there's been a hatch recently....
Look at all the empty turtle eggs..  We've been told that the caretakers release baby turtles around 6:45 pm when there is a hatch.  These could have been left from yesterday.

At the beach we saw this man putting his horse through its paces...  around and around...  tight circles, bigger circles...  beautiful understanding between horse and man.   We'd heard about him...  he's the man who trains horses to dance, prance and behave beautifully in parades etc.

We didn't stay at the beach very long....  headed instead to the path along the river...
Nothing special here...  I was using my camera as binoculars to identify these ducks...  just liked the way the Blue-winged teal, the black-necked stilts and the egret showed up through the brush along the shore.

The high tide must have washed some good stuff up on the sandbars...  these turkey vultures were hanging out for some reason.

I'm always trying to get good shots of butterflies....
Fun to try, anyway...

And...  a last photo....
Recently I read Kevin and Ruth's blog...  Kevin was doing laundry and promoting a little hand-held washing apparatus.  I googled it...  looked like something I could use.  Well, I can't get mail here, so I tried using this...
 A potato masher works pretty good as an agitator!  I have to heat water to do laundry and it's too hot to put my hands in...  the potato masher in the kitchen works real good.
I told you I could be innovative, didn't I?

That's All For Today!


  1. Your Sunday breakfast looked delicious. Could the orange shredded veggie be sweet potato?

    We just use cold water when we do our laundry. We usually do a little each day but what we normally do is put it in a bucket and let it sit over night and then start to really agitate it. Looks like the potato masher would do a good job too, very inventive on your part.

  2. I must say Sharon, you are inventive!!

  3. Thats a good way to get the laundry done does the jobs pretty good I bet.
    Good thinking.

  4. "Necessity is the mother of all invention!" words that have inspired many to make do with what they have. Great Job!

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Is there a reason you use such a small file size for your photos? As a result, they show up quite blurry on my screen.

  6. Your pictures look just fine to me. That was a large hatch of turtles. I wonder how many of them made it past the birds and into the sea??

  7. Your photos have always been blurry on my computer. I solve that by hovering the cursor over each picture. It then gives a smaller version which is not blurry.

  8. If you get lumps in your clothes, you will know you have to mash them longer...

  9. You could use a five gallon bucket, small hole in lid, and a toilet plunger, for laundry. It works ok. Hope there wasn't a body washed up those vultures were after. I know Mexico has lots of stray animals, made me sad long long ago, when I visited, for spring break, just south of Ensenada. I could barely take it. I probably couldn't take it today either.