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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Boom Beach!!!

The beach here at Lo de Marcus is very much alive this weekend!
It's BOOM BEACH weekend!  
Two days of surf competitions, music, partying and general all-around fun.

The poster advertising the event

 It was scheduled to start at 8:00 am this morning (Saturday)...  but, remember...  that's Mexico time.  Bill & I walked to the beach around 9:00 and it was still pretty quiet.  By 10:00, it was starting to come alive.  This is the Emcee's stand... showing names of the sponsors.  the Emcee did everything from talking (both in Spanish and English) about the various competitions to starting each event.

 There were 2 guys dressed in these types of costumes....  one in black, one in white.  Since I'm not a movie goer, I have no idea who they represent.  But they were part of the sponsor thing...  participated in events, danced, sang etc.

The waves were pretty good for the first events.  Three people competed in a time frame...  some of these caught pretty good waves, so they showed us some nice moves...

I didn't understand all of the rules...  didn't matter.... I enjoyed just watching these kids (?) show us their stuff!

I think there was a competition for a younger age group later...  these young boys have on the tee-shirts.  I think they are keeping watch over their little brothers until it's their time to compete.

 This little girl just captured my heart.  I'll bet she's about the age of Evie, our great-granddaughter.  I can just picture Evie dancing up and down the beach...  love that innocent spirit!!!

The folks competing in the paddle-surfing kind of got a raw deal today.  The surf got pretty quiet...  we didn't see anything spectacular...  and these kids could probably have put on a show.  Notice the ankle band with the tether...  keeps the board from floating away when the rider flips.

Not everyone watched the competition.  Looks like these two little guys had a competition going on of their own.

 Don't you love this girl's cell phone?
I mean, how appropriate!!!
For that matter, I love her braids and her nails as well.  This is truly the place a person can express themselves as they wish.

This was a race to see which big board could paddle out around the floating pylon and get back to the beach first...
 One person on board had to hold a drink...  and still have the drink intact when they got back on shore.

 The guy in the black mask is holding the drink here...
When they get back on shore, they have to run up to the water slide, (with drink in hand)... slide down...  gulp the drink...  
And then...  the first to do all this is declared the winner.

 A view of the event from down the coast a way.  I really couldn't even guess how many folks we saw were locals and how many are just here for the winter.  Doesn't make any difference...  everyone I saw looked like they were having a good time.

A group photo of the kids ready to go out on a competition..

Various stages of that  ride...  everything from complete control...  to..... whoops!  girl overboard!  What fun!

Okay...  like I said...  everyone is having a good time...  even the local dogs.
This is just a way to say...
The End!

That's All For Today!


  1. What a great day! Next time, maybe you and Bill can compete (although I don't know if I'd trust you to hold the drink).

  2. Not another fun day, always lotsa action there it seems.

  3. Remembering those crashing waves some days, I'm relieved the day of the event was so calm.

  4. Great photos. I would have loved to see these competitions. Greg cracked up laughing when I read out the earlier comment about not trusting you to hold the drink. I guess you have a reputation!

  5. The little girl is precious. I've never seen paddle boards that big. That is big. Sounds like a lot of fun. Is that what your party neighbors came for? This event? I forgot to mention I loved the photo of Evie in the hard hat, vest and goggles back a post. Or two.

  6. That would have been fun to see! As you said it looks like everyone had a good time, including yourselves just being spectators.

  7. Did you and Bill win the surf board competition. . . ??

  8. I see only young folks in your pics. Has something to do with the offered activities I guess.

  9. Lovely topic n pics tooo
    Feeling to go to beach