Along the Natchez Trace

Monday, February 1, 2016

Saturday... A Day Late....

I had so much fun watching the cattle drive yesterday that the photos I'd intended to post got put on the back burner.  As it happens, today, Sunday is pretty ho-hum, so it's a good day to play catch-up .

Another Odd Couple
This Wood Stork and Roseate Spoonbill were hanging out together in the lagoon.  Kinda looks like "Beauty and the Beast" to me.

This is the area right in front of the lagoon.  That's Bill on the right checking out a bird through his binoculars.  Those guys sitting on the benches are building a new palapa (a shelter) over the benches.  There was a shelter that (I think) the Audubon Birding Group here in Lo de Marcos built last year, but apparently a storm took it down.  From the looks of those footers these guys are digging, this new one should be indestructible! 

Look at the number of egrets here!
They all appear to be Cattle Egrets, but I suppose a Great or a Snowy could be among them.  I took this photo between 7:30 and 8:00 am...  as we watched, one by one, the birds flew off.

A closer view of the Roseate Spoonbill...
It's easy to see how it got its name.

A few blocks from the lagoon is St Mark's Catholic Church.
That's Skinny...  he's from Iowa and he lives in the same bungalow complex as us.  On Saturday mornings he teaches the town kids how to play basketball.  Skinny comes prepared....  he must have a dozen basketballs ready for those kids to use. No kids here yet, but they'll be along soon.  they'll play until 10:00, when their religion instruction classes begin at the church. 

A block or so west of the church is the beach...
There is an "upper scale" RV park located a few hundred yards behind that white fence on the right.  Each morning several teen-age boys clean the gazebo (not shown here) of sand, rake the beach and put out beach umbrellas and lounge chairs.  
There is very little litter on the beach, so I really don't know the purpose of it all.

 Yesterday we were on the river trail and stopped and talked with this photographer.  We talked cameras for a few minutes...  he had me hold that camera (on a monopod) to see how heavy it is.  And... believe me.... it's HEAVY!  So when I saw him today down at the beach I had to snap his picture.  I love taking photos, but I'll never graduate to equipment like this!

On our way to the Tianguis, we saw those guys (photos at right) painting this announcement on a wall.  I'm not sure what's going to happen, but it's at 9:00 PM, so we won't be attending.
The finished "outdoor" advertisement is on the left.

 I've featured the tianguis several times in past blogs, but there's always something of interest there.  This lady caught my eye...
She's holding her dictionary under her arm...  I did notice that it's a French/Spanish dictionary...  there are many French-Canadian snowbirds here at Lo de Marcos for the winter.  Wonder if it helped her with her purchases?

And...  a day or so ago I included photos of a 3-wheel motorcycle that delivered bottled water.  Well...  here is the purification (reverse osmosis) plant...  right on the main street.  We peeked in the window (it was closed today) and saw the equipment where they purify it right there.  (tap water to super-clean water).  And, Dizzy...  those bottles are pink and blue plastic.  I don't think there's any significance to the color...  the water is clear.

And that pretty much takes you along with me for the day.  Just a note, though.  We're half way through our 3 month stay here.  The time is going by SO fast!
For now...  this is.... 
The End

That's All For Today!


  1. The whole time we were in Florida and south Texas, we saw no roseate spoonbills--thanks for the photos!

  2. Love your bird photos. At this time of the year up here, I don't see much besides chickadees.

  3. Love touring around with you guys.
    We have seen a lot of water purification places when we were in Mexico, so all should be good there, we never had a problem.

  4. At the post office this morning we commented that it is February 1st, significant not only for groundhog day tomorrow, but saying goodbye to January. Not that we've had any winter to speak of.

  5. Just wondering, how long did you have to wait until you got the "The End" picture? Another great and informative blog posting on your part.