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Monday, February 15, 2016

A Different Kind of Valentine's Day

We seldom celebrate holidays...  I guess we feel like everyday is special and we are fortunate to feel  our life is just one continuous holiday.  But now and then something comes along that we just have to partake in.  A couple of weeks ago a lady on the street sold us tickets to a Valentine Dinner and Dance to be held on the town Plaza...   the event was actually a fund raiser to help a lady in town with her huge medical bills, but it was certainly a festive affair.

I think other activities were going on in the plaza as well because when we walked by around noon there was a large group of young folks attending some event.  But they did start early getting the plaza ready for the gala.
 The tables and chairs were being set up...  and the red pom-pom decorations were being hung

 A huge red and white archway was being constructed of balloons.  When done, this was placed as the entry to the dining and dancing area.

The festivities didn't start until 7:00 pm, and all was in place by the time we got there...
 Your ticket was your reservation...  you just sat where you wanted.  We saw that many folks had come as a group.  There are quite a few RV parks and vacation rentals here - when you're here for 3 months or so you get to know a lot of people quite quickly.  And...  even if you just arrived today, everyone would make you feel welcome and right at home.

 The ladies served the food right to the tables.  Now...  I'm not sure about this, but was told that this event was organized by the Catholic church to help a member, but if there were funds left over, it would be put in an account to help others in need.  I only know for sure that those ladies really know how to cook!

 The chicken was more like a cordon bleu...  cheese and a tasty sauce over it all....  as well as escalloped potatoes and a veggie dish that was cooked to perfection (lightly steamed, not raw but crisp enough to keep texture and flavor)....  a tasty hot roll....   And for desert, a dish of 2 kinds of ice cream topped with a chocolate bicotti.   They also served mango juice, but it was okay to bring your own wine or preferred drink.

 The evening went on...  daylight to dusk....   
A lot of visiting back and forth...

And then...  they started having the raffles...
 I don't know what all they were giving away, but the top prize was an original painting by a local (but renown) artist.  I saw other gifts, like scented candles, flowers, candy and the like on the table near us and think that these, too, were raffle prizes.

Just a note...  when announcing anything at these events, there are 3 speakers...  one announces in Spanish, one in French and one in English.  We are quite a diverse community here.

I really don't know how long the party went on...  we left before the dancing began.  But we were there long enough to feel the community spirit this town has...  and to celebrate a holiday we have often just let slide by in the past.

As you entered through the arch to find seating, the ladies pinned these hearts on our clothes....
Kind of a nice way to know we'd paid for the meal, but also a keepsake to remember this Valentine's Day.

That's All For Today!


  1. sounds like a fun evening and for a good cause.

  2. Anywhere that there is lots of good food, count me in!! I hope you ate a little extra for me, since it was my birthday.

  3. What a nice way to share your love on Valentine's Day...helping others. Wonderful idea

  4. Sure looks like a lot of folks participated. I was surprised that it was still light out at seven o'clock.

  5. What beautiful decorations and lovely food. Now that's a great fundraiser!

  6. What a nice affair, and a great community, in season and out.

  7. What a wonderful community. We went out with a group of friends for an "Asian Fusion" meal. It was wonderful, but the only nod to Valentine's Day were those some heart-shaped balloons.. However, juveniles that we are, we immediately noticed that what you look down at the balloons at the top of the heart, they looked like breasts. So romantic.