Along the Natchez Trace

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Monday Morning With Memo and Friends....

As usual, Memo leads an hour walk each Monday morning to anyone who wants to join.  Today there were 21 of us in all...  meeting at the Plaza at 8:00 am.
The makeup of folks changes from week to week.  Some folks are here for only a short time...  some have other commitments....  whatever.  There's no fees to pay...  nothing required of you...  just come along to meet other folks and get to know the town a little better.

That's Memo... in the bright blue vest.
We all kind of follow (or go ahead a bit) in a loose group.  
While it's somewhat chilly at 8 am, most folks dress knowing that it will get warm by the time we're done.  Also, we do walk through the jungle and mosquitoes are just waiting on fresh blood. 

Memo stops at points of interest... tells us about things that go on in town.  This house was built with a gov't grant.  There are certain rules and regulations, but it could be quite a nice deal for Mexican residents.

We do have to cross the river...
Someone had added some stepping stones to one section...  I noticed that several people were quite creative in how they got across.

But even if you escaped getting wet in the first part, the second part is much deeper and wider.  Some folks go barefoot...  but the river bed is very rocky...  Bill & I wear rubber flip-flops to walk across.

There is a fork in the road up from the river...  everyone stops there and Memo counts heads...  yep!  we're all here and will all be walking in the same direction.

If you read my blog a couple of days ago I wrote about a cattle drive we came across.  I was a the very tail-end of our walking group and couldn't help but thinking of that drive.
Bill was walking with me...  his comment was that he was happy to see none of this herd was leaving any droppings. ;-)
 Last Monday I showed this field being planted with pineapples.  Here it is...  planting's done....   these pineapple tops will take root and provide the farmer with a lovely crop.

Into the jungle we go...
It's so shady and the trees are so tall, the muddy spots take a long time to dry out.  These areas are where the mosquitoes like to attack us.

Out of the jungle and on to the beach...
Not too much further to go and we'll be back in town.

 Often we stop and have coffee together before heading our separate ways.   The little shop we had planned to stop at was closed today so some of us stopped at the sports bar...  which serves meals as well...  for coffee or juice.  
That's Memo, back in the far corner next to the surfboard.  He has all kinds of events planned for the next few weeks and keeps us all informed about what's happening.

The light was really bad with the sun coming through the window of that restaurant, so I stepped outside to see if I could do better...
I was too short to look in...  but look at what's looking out at me...
Looks like a bunch of jailbirds hanging on their cell, doesn't it?
Truth is, we've met some great people on these walks and while the exercise is good, the company is even better!

That's All For Today!


  1. You had me right up until you mentioned the mosquitoes! Then I was happy to get to the Sports Bar.

  2. What would Bill have done if they had left droppings, roll in it or leave his own mark?

  3. What would Bill have done if they had left droppings, roll in it or leave his own mark?

  4. The fresh air, exercise and meeting new people is always fun !

  5. The same journey through a different pair of eyes. I was usually up front on that walk, so maybe at the front of the herd?

  6. Your blog is like a dose of cheer to have along with my morning coffee. The past couple of days have had me chuckling. I love your sense of humor.

  7. Jailbirds is right and your herd was fine looking, heading to other pasture. Glad no big bulls were along. I love that beach. I'd be in the water. Memo sounds like my kind of guy, always planning something, living life to the fullest! I wear my rubber sandals always when I take my raft out or swim. Too much broken glass in the shallows.

  8. Beautiful header photo.
    Looks like another wonderful fun outing. It will be so cool to see where you next adventure with Memo leads y'all.

  9. Bill and I are alike in the comments we make. I would have said the same thing about following that "herd". That gave me chuckle.