Along the Natchez Trace

Monday, February 8, 2016

More Color... Another Walk....

After yesterday's colorful buildings, I'm going to continue right on with some other colorful things we saw on this morning's walk...

Russet-crowned Motmot
A colorful bird we've seen only a few times.   He should have 2 tail feathers that grow longer and are shaped a bit like the weights on chains that dangle down on a grandfather clock.  It appears the one on the left is missing the bottom edge.

Black-throated Magpie Jays
Big birds...  have the characteristics of both the magpie and the bluejay.  Yeah...  they are noisy, steal things and do all those bad things both birds do.  But they also have the beauty of both birds, so I guess they got equal parts of each.

 Golden-cheeked Woodpecker
He looks like someone gave him a black eye!

Citreoline Trogan
His breast is bright yellow...  tapering to white at his chest, then a black to very dark blue head.  The underside of his tail is also white.  So this view of his backside could be confusing if you didn't know what you were looking at.

 Today was a day for seeing butterflies....

 Striking colors....

 And as is often the case, the underside looks nothing like the wings  do when opened.  I never did get a top view of this one, but the wings were all black with an edging of white dots.  
Would make a lovely needlework design!

We'd walked well over 2 hours and finally headed back to town.  Since it was close to lunch we decided to eat at a restaurant that was 3 floors up...  
A long way up, but the food was great and the view was fantastic!

 Looking down at the beach we saw this man who apparently is either selling these dresses on the beach or maybe delivering them to someone who sells them in a shop.  
He must to sweltering under all those clothes!

 The beach wasn't very crowded today...

 There was a trail-ride walking along the surf....

And a lady carrying a parasol to keep the sun off.... 

 The view of the ocean seems to go on forever....

Turning the other way up there at that roof-top restaurant, we could see part of the town...
Most are two story buildings, often with the roof being used as a patio or a place to hang out clothes.  Water tanks and LP gas tanks are often put there as well.

We headed home along the River Road...
There is usually a horse tethered along this stretch...  he wasn't there today.  But in the alley-like space between 2 buildings I saw this horse, saddled and ready to ride.  Might be the horse we usually see.  If so, I bet he's happy to see some different sights for a change.

 Monday marks our 8th week here...  only 5 more to go.  Can't believe how fast the time is flying by!

That's All For Today!


  1. It is amazing how fast the time goes when we are enjoy the warm winter weather.
    Love you pics today again.

  2. The time is flying by, isn't it--in all aspects of our lives!

  3. I like the colors of that stairway up to the restaurant. And its stonework. I don't know how you remember so many birds and their names. I like that tail on the Magpie jay. I'm sure horses and dogs like to see something different when they go out, rather than plod the same path every day. I could be wrong.

  4. I always enjoy your photos, but today was particularly colourful and beautiful. Thank you. I agree with Strayer - I don't know how you remember all those bird names!

  5. It was smart putting a restaurant on the top floor. That way you work up an appetite climbing all those stairs and thus buy more food.

  6. Color everywhere--wildlife, buildings and people.