Along the Natchez Trace

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Not Much....

I really don't know how to write about today...  we started out by heading to a scheduled walk...  over to a dairy farm...  but even while walking we knew we'd have to leave almost as soon as we got there as we'd made another commitment to a 10:30 meeting...
 Us?  A Meeting!  Us!  Well, we knew that a sub-committee of the Friends of Lo de Marcos sponsored a spay/neuter clinic (free!) once a month here, and if they needed additional help, this is one "do gooder" thing we'd be interested in doing.  And so....  while we wanted to go on the dairy farm visit this morning, we had already committed to the 10:30 meeting for the critters.

Who'd ever thought that we'd get involved in the town "going's on" in the few months while here?  

Never mind all that.....  we managed to walk all the way to the dairy farm...  didn't take the tour, but headed back to Lo de Marcos when the dog that tagged along with us got into a territorial fight with the 4 dogs at the farm.  I'm a pacifist...  no fights for me.  I headed home.

And Bill was right behind me.  We did make it back home to unload our backpacks, then quickly headed off the the sterilization meeting.  

We were the newbies...  everyone else had worked these clinics before...  but both Bill & I are willing and able to help out where needed.  We got our assignments and this coming Sunday we'll see how this all plays out....

More on this later...

 More Bougainvillea....
I just love all the different colors of the flowers growing along walls and gates in town!

I''m wearing out my sandals!
Hope they'll last another month.  I do have a pair of Teva sandals here as well, but the darned things have a place that creates a blister.....  so....  my Borns are my "old faithfuls".  Those red marks on my legs are bites...  mosquitoes?  probably...  but, curses!  they even give my anti-itch cream a run for it's money!

 Bills legs...
You didn't know you were getting the ''Betty Grable" special tonight, did you?  Well, Bill has worn long pants (jeans) for years.....  so this trip to Mexico is a real eye-opener for his legs.  He kind of makes me jealous because he got a tan almost immediately...   me?  you're kidding me....  I may finally get a slight tan on my legs by the time we leave.

Okay...  moving right along....
Tonight's dinner.
Those are jalapenos, stuffed with cream cheese, then a  couple of shrimp on top, then a strip of bacon (about 1/2 of a normal piece) wrapped around ....  then grilled on our stovetop grill.  (yes, I'd have preferred to put them in a real oven and let the grease drip down, but I don't have an horno....  so... when in Mexico,.... etc)....  anyway.... you can see the progress from beginning to end (lower right).  They came out pretty darned good...  and with a glass of wine made a perfect dinner.

And...  with that...  I'm outta here....

That's All For Today!


  1. As always, fascinating. I enjoyed seeing the food before and after cooking.

  2. That food looks scrumptious and so do those legs... tanned and untanned. As for the mosquitoes, I'd be smelling like Deep Woods OFF for my entire time there.

  3. The legs were my favourite bit! Well exercised. Keep up the good work.

  4. The legs were my favourite bit! Well exercised. Keep up the good work.

  5. Busy people as usual, hope your shoes last.
    Pretty tasty looking dinner.

  6. Got mosquitoes! We learned this from the "Herb Lady" in Mineral Wells, Texas and it works! Mexican vanilla, water and spray bottle. Keep the bottle handy for when needed. I am a mosquito magnet and it kept them off me. Most amazing . . . Non-toxic too and you are in the right place for the vanilla.

  7. Those dogs at the dairy should be first in line at the spay neuter clinic. Give peace a chance. Neuter everybody. Lol. So glad to hear you'll be at the clinic. Soon you'll be a cat wrangler!

  8. Can't say as I've ever been to a sterilization meeting before! ;)

  9. The Bougainvilleas are gorgeous. The jalapenos looks delicious.

  10. Take care of your feet. You need them to take all those great walks. Dang, you just made me really hungry, I bet those stuffed jalapenos where really good. Jack-in-the-Box has them here, but I bet that they are not as good as those.

  11. Dinner sounds wonderful, and looking forward to the doggie round up.