Along the Natchez Trace

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Quiet Day.....

Saturdays are Tianguis (market) day here in Lo de Marcos.  Each of the neighboring towns hold their tianguis on a different day of the week...  a lot of the vendors that sell at the market have their booth at several different towns.  So on Saturday mornings, there can be a fair amount of traffic, both vehicle and on foot, along the streets and sidewalks.

We go to the market and have our favorite booths...  food, of course.  But we make our rounds to the other places in town where we shop as well...

The fish market (pescadaria) is located just a couple of blocks from the ocean...
As all fish markets probably have, there are at least 2 cats that live here.
This guy looks kind of worse-for-wear.  

We usually buy dorado (maui-maui) but they've been out of it lately.
However, he had this lovely red snapper....
He asked if I wanted them cleaned or filleted.  I chose to have them just cleaned...  but he did something I didn't expect.  He slashed each side 4 or 5 times... through the skin and to the bone.  I don't know if this made a difference, but usually when I fry a fish, the bone can be pulled out with the skeleton practically intact.  Not so...  we did have to work around the bones this time.  However, the fish was delicious...  I'd made a picante sauce to ladle over the fish and it came out pretty good.
Yes..  we did buy all of those 6 fish shown above...  2 for dinner, and 4 to freeze for later.

More walls and bougainvillea.... 
 I think I remember reading somewhere that there are at least 72 different varieties (colors) of this shrub/tree.  They just flourish here and I'd love to have every one of them!

 Sometimes we see "secret" doors nestled into brick walls...  These always fascinate me...  conjures up stories like "The Secret Garden" and the such....

 We have been birding nearly every morning, but haven't seen much.  This oriole is checking out some seed pod that is hung up on a tree.  We heard the motmot the other day...  couldn't locate it....  and were told that the Elegant Trogon is hanging out in that same area...  no luck there, either.

 We saw this truck along the highway this morning...  Need to buy a bed?  This guy is selling both the bed frames and the mattresses.  What a load he has on!

The reason we were walking out along the highway was....
 To hide a geocache!
Since we don't live here, the geocache rules say we can't hide caches here.  But...  our friend Memo has become interested in geocaching and we're helping him set out some caches.  We help with the coordinates and groundwork, but he does all the paperwork and will keep up the maintenance when we leave.  Here's Bill setting up one...  I think it's name is "Welcome to Lo de Marcos"....  wonder how we came up with that name?

And we placed a second one.... 
That "tree" that Bill is in front of is actually a concrete gate post...  constructed to look like a tree...  bark and all.  

We placed another cache a couple of weeks ago for Memo...  and...  5 (FIVE!) people have logged in that they've found it so far!  We are working at getting maybe a half dozen placed before February 29, when the geocaching "game" awards special souvenirs for finds that weekend.

It's been very humid here lately...  in the mornings the ocean has a heavy mist over it.  Afternoons can get really hot (probably in the 80's), but the humidity makes it feel a lot hotter.

But...  that's why we're here, so I'm not complaining.

That's All For Today!


  1. Love that fish sounds wonderful.
    Here a cool 80 in the shade 105 in the sun, not humid though quite different than there.
    Enjoy the heat we do too.

  2. The bougainvillea is beautiful.
    It is so nice to have fresh fish. Looks delicious.

  3. I love fish, but to buy it here, its mostly from Viet Nam or Tiawan and farm raised and long long frozen. Awful looking. So I don't but it and don't eat it. Long long ago, when I camped south of Ensenada, I bought fish off a guy who went out daily early in his small boat, then cooked it over the campfire.

  4. The only sad thing about this vacation is having to leave! I have so enjoyed my armchair travel with you. Thanks so much.

  5. Nice looking fish. Now that bird with that huge seed pod. What the heck is it going to do with it? I would think it would have been too big for the bird to fly, but it got it up there. Happy Valentines day. How are you and Bill going to celebrate it?