Along the Natchez Trace

Friday, February 26, 2016

What A Fun Day!

Enough about dogs and all that...  let's move on...  I loved all your comments...  would consider Judy's suggestion that I power wash my sandals, however, they already seem to be on their last legs (so to speak), and that much pressure would probably reduce them to scraps of leather.  So...  I dragged out my Tevas, figuring I'd have the Fashion Police on my tail as I've been wearing them with those sockie kind of things trying to ward off blisters from rough joints.  (the shoes, not mine).  Just sayin'.... I brought 3 pairs of shoes with me and have bought 2 more pairs here (Bill calls me Imelda)...  but...  those favorite ones will remain so until they go in the dumpster.

We (Bill, Memo and I) took the collectivo (van-like taxi-like service) north to La Penita today.  
Yes, it was Tianguis there today....
 Look at all the "customers" waiting to buy some sugar cane...

 Or how about the bazaars?  All kinds of wares, foods, ....  whatever...  for sale!!!!

Some interesting sights...
This picture is for my friend Mitchell....  (he'll understand)
But, really, how many couples do you know that dress alike (clear down to the blue Crocs)?
I can't read what their hats say, but I wonder if it's something like.... "If found, please return to my identical partner who must be closeby"...  or something like that.

Oh yes...  the reason we went to La Penita...
There was a geocache "Greet and Meet" there today.  Only 3 others showed up, but that's okay...  we had a fun time talking about caching...  and Memo got a chance to tell these folks that there are 5 new caches hidden (well...  4 hidden, 1 event) in Lo de Marcos now.  
So...  Memo got his first cache credit....  and even though this one won't bring him a souvenir, he's well on his way in a new "pastime".

And...  since we so close...  just a short collectivo ride down the road, we stopped in Guayabitos at a cache that Bill & I had already found.
 I had accidentally deleted it from my GPS, but that's okay...  Memo had no trouble finding it anyway.  

This cache is called "Stairway to Heaven"...  226 (or 225 depending on which one of us counted the steps correctly)....  steps up, up, up...  to a religious shrine at the top of a hill....
This is considered a church, so in respect, both guys took off their hats...  the view up here is terrific!
We walked back from here to Rt 200 intending to catch the collectivo back to Lo de Marcos, but...  wouldn't you know?  A couple of men stopped by (snowbirds from Canada) and picked us up.  Guys we'd met on our Monday walk, but I can't remember their names.  Small world, huh?

Just a few more photos because I've neglected showing y'all some birds lately...
How many?  I have no idea....  but they've been hanging out here a lot lately.  This is in the same vicinity as the heron rookery I've shown in the past.  

Not a good picture...  but how many species do you see?
Well... there's the Black-neck Stilt, the Snowy Egret, the White Ibis, the Little Blue Heron...  there's a cormorant and a Blue-winged teal...  and a Coot....
I'm lovin' it!

And...  on our way home....
A pair of Black Hawks....

And, if that's not enough...
A Grey Hawk
I know... you see only 1 leg, but he has the other one tucked up in all those breast feathers.

So...  there are still a lot of birds here...  but it changes every day.
We have only 18 days left....  who knows what we'll see in that time?

That's All For Today!


  1. Wow the time is winding down real fast. love the markets there.

  2. Amazed at the green couple. Wow if Mr Him made me dress like him I'd be a building a house the other end of Britain pretty quick, just for him. I prefer to drink my sangria than wear it, barring the odd accident with a Prezzo royale.

  3. Ha! I can just see you and Bill decked out in matching plaids and flowers.

  4. Honestly, I could never understand why people want to dress alike. I find it strange.
    "Stairway to Heaven" was a good workout.
    The Grey Hawk is amazing!

  5. Great pictures. Love them all. That first one with the stuffed people, even has a stuffed woman holding a stuffed baby. Then the couple that are dressed the same. And of course the birds. Great post, as usual.