Along the Natchez Trace

Saturday, February 6, 2016

More Street Scenes....

The streets here are always alive with people...  walking, in vehicles, some on bicycles or motorcycles...  some on horses or in golf carts.  There is the bus that arrives every hour (more or less), the Collectivos (van type taxis), the taxis...  the delivery trucks (all kinds, all sizes)...  There's always something going on...  

This is the cafe where we buy a glass of orange juice...
This young lady (sorry, don't know her name) always has a big smile when she sees me...  mostly because she's wondering how I'll pronounce "Jugo de naranja, por favor"  (Orange Juice, Please) today.  For some reason I have a terrible time with "naranja".  Anyway...  she'll wash about 8 or so oranges, slice them in half and manually squeeze them on that orange juicer.  Bet she'd win any arm wrestling contest!  The orange juice is delicious!

I love the kids!  These little ones were hanging out at the plaza.  I spoke...  the older sister asked me my name (in Spanish)...  I was able to understand and answer her!  That's Angelina, with her little sister Amanda and her little brother Luis.  
I still don't know why certain cultures give the peace sign when being photographed...  but even little Luis is giving it a shot.

I don't know where woodworkers get their supplies, but we'll see pick-up trucks selling various kinds of furniture...  usually chairs, lawn chairs, or sometimes slatted tables.  These chairs have a rush seat...  an art all in itself.

Several times a week the LP gas truck comes through town and services customers.  All day long we can hear "Gahz (beep beep), Gahz (beep beep)" as his loudspeaker system announces that he's in the area and selling... punctuated by a couple of horn blasts.

This man sells honey.  In that bucket he has jars of honey, but we're told that he sells honey that is diluted with Karo Syrup or the like.  We've never bought any.... 

A birthday party!
Just up the street from us we saw the preparation for some kid's birthday party.  From all those chairs, it looks like there's gonna be a big crowd.  But...  most likely the parents of the kids attending will also be there.  Reminds me of a birthday party that we happened on somewhere else in Mexico several years ago.  Another story, but a heartwarming kind.

Darn! I can't remember her name...  but she's a tiny chihuahuan dog that belongs to our rental person.  I think she was cold and he'd snuggled her up in a scarf.  We see lots of dogs with doggy jackets on here...  especially in the mornings when the temps are around 60 degrees F.  I know...  but that's cold for folks here.  (and dogs too)

If the guy we saw yesterday (the one selling dusters etc) didn't hit up the whole neighborhood, this truck has the perfect household necessity for cleaning.  

And...  lastly....
The work continues on that masonry project around the corner from us....
Look...  they're going up on the 2nd floor...  looks like some kind of fancy concrete separating parts of the wall.  It's always interesting walking past here...  seeing the progress and checking out "what's happening now".

We love our walks through the streets...  we're beginning to feel like we know this community a little better.

That's All For today!


  1. Does Whatshername know what you're talking about if you should happen to ask for zumo?

  2. I wonder what is the market for so many durable goods. Are there enough houses and businesses in town to support all those dusters every day, or the honey.

  3. Thanks for taking us along on your walk. What a hoot. Love the household truck. Not sure he could get another thing on or in that truck.

  4. Love the scarf on the dog, and the expression on its face.

  5. 60 and cold? We can't wait to hit 60 and maintain it a few days which we might today and through the coming week. Sure a lot of vendors selling everything there. I like fresh squeezed oj too. I only go that route when oranges go down to 4 for $1, which sometimes they do.

  6. Is that dog a "Mexican" Chihuahua? Or some other Mexican dog?

  7. Chris & Juan put us onto the pure honey, purchased at any of the larger stores. It is called Carlota.