Along the Natchez Trace

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Art of Masonry All Around Town....

Today is going to be mostly photos.  Photos of houses, walls, gates, arches and some really fancy brick and concrete work.  Wood isn't available here...  but rocks and sand and whatever ingredients it takes to make mortar, bricks and concrete is in abundance.  
Some of these structures are meticulously constructed...  some a bit rough...  and many with decorative touches that give them an individual look.

This is a new apartment complex.  While the arches are perfect and the brickwork quite well done, it's not as artistic as most of the work we see about town.

Look at this...  brickwork used decoratively.
Even the balcony rail is constructed of bricks.

Sometimes we see little domes above doorways or on the roof.

A variety of materials used here...
Notice the cobblestone street...  quite beautiful.  And... it does tend to slow down traffic in town.

Many people have walls around their property.  Some provide privacy...  some security...  but all are beautiful.

Here the open brick-work allows fresh air as well security.

This wall has rocks incorporated in the pattern...  and the rocks compose those arches over the entrance.

Another view....

And yet a third view....

Another scalloped design incorporating wrought iron and concrete....

At this time this is just a vacant lot....  
But it looks like someone has plans for the future...

We've been watching the progress on this place since we got here.
You can see the rocks in the brick wall....

This is the entrance to an RV park....  
Nice arch and gate....

This wall is very artistic...  lots of designs worked into the bricks and stones....

More of the wall...
The house it enclosed is not owned by a local...
Several houses here are owned by either Canadians or Americans who often are here only a few months of each year.

Many people have gorgeous landscaping that enhances the walls around their property.

Even out in the country you'll see lovely brickwork.
This is the entrance to a pig farm...  pretty snazzy, huh?

This is a closeup of the rail around a balcony.

I think the wooden door is part of the attraction of this house.  It fits in so well with the rest of the architecture. 

I think this is another "works in progress".  There is even a fountain as you pass through the gates and into the patio.

Another shot of that project around the corner from us.
From all the material still stacked outside it looks like it will be a while before it's completed.  I'd sure love to see inside these gates!

Look at these arches!  And the Wall!.....

This wall allows for privacy, but still allows ventilation....
Interesting pattern with the bricks.

Not all the walls are brick...
These folks have used large stones and a concrete walkway in the front of their house.  But you can still see the brick arches over the windows.

Look at the size of this house!
It has the tile roof that is so prevalent here...  and also the stucco sided house...  but there are still touches of wrought iron and brick to complete the design.

Again...  lovely landscaping to complete the picture.

Huge windows...  
If you are wondering...  while this is right on the street, many of the houses here have an inside or rear courtyard for outdoor living.
And too, many folks just take their chairs outside on the sidewalk or into the street and hang out there.

Wrought Iron, Brickwork, Concrete, Arches....

So...  we see a lot of exteriors.  We see walls, arches, gateways, and outside work.  I try to peek in open windows and doorways to see what it's like inside...  but so far, I just don't know.  But the style of architecture that's so prevalent here in Lo de Marcos has a unique beauty of its own.  I haven't even touched on the many colors folks here paint their homes....  that's for another time.  

That's All For Today!


  1. A beautiful area there. Thanks for showing those houses. I grew up in a town of cobblestone streets in the UK. Tough on ankles and of course I wouldn't be sensible and go without heels in my youth.

  2. Such creative designs not rubber stamped like we see in a lot of communities in the USA and Canada.
    Thanks for the tour.

  3. Lovely! The different walls are amazing. Lots of love went into building those structures.

  4. Beautiful architecture! Love all those arches!

  5. The courtyards within walls are interesting. I think they have the walled yards also in the middle east in some places while we have fences. I love the arches and brick work.

  6. It certainly avoids cookie cutter. I do like the cobblestone street, an artform.