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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Houses of Many Colors...

If you've ever traveled in Mexico you've seen houses of all colors.  Most are stucco homes, which is often just a thin coating of concrete over block.  It would be rather drab if left that gray concrete color, but the folks down here know how to dress it up - making  houses bright and cheerful.
A few days ago I wrote about the beautiful decorative brickwork and wrought iron.  As you walk through the streets here, you'll see many colorful houses.  Sure, there are many that are painted white, or even some their original stuccoed color, but it's the pinks, oranges, blues, green, yellows and purples that catch your eye.

There are so many that I've arranged some of the photos into collages...  their colors show each other off quite nicely.
Oranges and reds...  turquoise...  and even some beige....

Lots of orange and yellow...  some decorative ironwork on the balconies as well.  The lower right is the shower/restroom building on the beach.  Even it is painted a soft yellow.

Storefronts as well as houses get the color treatment... 

Some of the colors are quite bright...  shocking pink...  bright chartreuse....  neon blue....
but they look right at home with these cobblestone streets and the tropical trees and flowers.

Shades of pinks and purples....  yellow with brown trim....  sometimes the buildings are painted several different colors.  But it all seems to blend together very well.

Contrasting colors...  pinks with blue; white with blue trim....  and blue with a red tile roof.   And most houses have lots of flowers or flowering trees in front of them...  all along the sidewalks.

You'll often see two abutting buildings painted very different colors.   Somehow the colors never seem to clash....  Sometimes the trim contrasts...  but still it looks great.

We've been in New England seaside towns...  lots of colors there too, but mostly pastels.  Here the bold, bright colors are striking and used freely.  It's a pleasure to walk through the streets and enjoy the creativity expressed here, and the photos today are just a sampling of the many colorful buildings in Lo de Marcos.
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  1. They are a proud people and the colors reflect that. I love seeing the colorful homes. Makes for a cheerier environment.

  2. I think it makes for cheer and good nature.

  3. Always loved the bright colorful building these, it just says something about the people.

  4. Every now and then someone in our Austin neighborhood would paint their house one of these bright colors, and it stuck out like a sore thumb! But in these neighborhoods it is "the norm" and I think it looks great. Different context I suppose...

  5. If I had a house, I would love to be in a place where I could paint it brightly.

  6. Nice to see that they're well kept. Didn't see any peeling paint in your photos.

  7. Your blog is delightful. I love seeing this town through your eyes.

  8. I like them, they brighten up the neighborhood.

  9. I love bright colors, especially to offset and dull gray Oregon winter.