Along the Natchez Trace

Friday, February 5, 2016

Street... and Sea.... Sights

I love walking around this town...  it isn't a really big town, I think we were told it's 7 blocks long and maybe about that in width.  You'll see new homes being built, which will eventually make the town bigger, but right now, I love wandering the streets and seeing what's out there...

No central theme today...  just some of what I saw...
We walked to the beach around 8:30 this morning.  The surf was pounding...  really high waves...  and the mist over the ocean edge was thick with moisture.  The surf was loud and the waves looked dangerous.  No one was in the water.  In fact, I didn't even see many birds diving into the sea for their breakfast.  
It made me think of Old Faithful in Yellowstone...
Thar She Blows! 

While we were wandering along the shore this horse and rider went by.  We see him frequently...  he trains horses and often brings them to this area to put them through their paces.  He didn't stay long...  maybe 20 minutes or so...  and off down the beach they went. 

We keep a list of birds we see when we travel.  We've identified over 70 species so far.  Today this Rock Dove (pigeon) was walking around in the sand.  Definitely not our favorite bird, but, hey...  we can't forget to put him on our list.

On the way back through town we walked past the plaza.  Every night it gets trashed...  there are trash containers, but people neglect to use them.  Each morning 2 or 3 "city" employees clean up the sidewalks and plaza.  They do a beautiful job and keep it very nice.  Somehow, though, I kinda doubt their safety procedures.  Maybe someone forgot to read the manual.  I'm sure this man is being super careful, but I cringed when I saw his passenger on the mower. 

Street vendors are common here.  Most drive around in their pick-up trucks hawking fish, LP gas, vegetables or the like.  Sometimes we see folks like this one...
We saw him off and on during the day on different streets.  I don't know how many dusters and household stuff he sold, but he sure had a load! 

We've been here almost 2 months and it's rained only once.  Even that rain didn't last long.  So, why the umbrella?  She's using it as a parasol to keep the sun off her.  I think she's almost home...  the little girl in the bright pink coat is with her...  and look at the other girl swinging in the hammock.  Folks here spend a lot of their time outdoors...  even if it's just on the sidewalk in front of their home. 

We've been walking down to the Lagoon often...  and usually we see several iguanas.  This wasn't the biggest one we've seen, but look how long his tail is!   I haven't read up about iguanas...  don't know much about them... yet.

This iguana is huge!  And also quite colorful....
That big flap under his chin and all those spines on his back make him look like one mean critter.  We've all read fairy tales about dragons...  wonder if they were modeled after these guys...  they sure look like they could breathe fire!

And...  My favorite Photo of the Day...
This couch (yes, it's out on the sidewalk) is so decrepit and in such bad shape with springs sticking right out, that even that dog isn't interested in taking his nap on it.  When a dog prefers the hard concrete instead of the couch you know it HAS to be bad!

That's All For Today!


  1. Love you daily tours about town, with our lifestyle we too like to spend as much time as possible outdoors.

  2. We also saw those iguanas yesterday. I also took a photo of the child on the lawnmower, as we were shocked. For a nation that cares so much for every child as though he or she was their own, we were surprised at this occurs.

  3. That second picture of the iguana has me puzzled. It's head doesn't look right. I guess I am looking at it wrong. Is that a pouch of skin hanging down?

  4. That little boy on the lawn mower would make me cringe too.

  5. I wish we could spend more time outside here. If only it would stop with the cold icky rain. I hear next week maybe we get a break from it. I love those iguanas. They do look like mini dragons. There must be some high ceilings to sell dusters that long. Seems like that mower seat would get hot with the engine and yikes, with that blade whirring so close to little feet.

  6. Love all the pictures, but especially the unloved couch, sans dog.

  7. Scary to see the little boy riding on the mower. Looks like a nice area to walk around.