Along the Natchez Trace

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Flora, Fauna & Fiesta....

I suppose when the big news of the day is that I defrosted the fridge it might be time to re-think this every day blog thing....  but I try to write every day mainly as a journal of our travels.  My memory sure isn't the greatest these days...  and we have only 3 weeks left, so...  I'll keep it going.

We did go for our long walk this morning...
 The iguana tree still has several critters among the branches, but I could only spot these 2.  They are fierce looking creatures...  probably their only predator is the human kind.  One of these days I'll read up on them .....  but not today.

 I was trying to get a photo of the Citreoline Trogan (near lower left corner)...  but was having a hard time with the focusing.  When I looked at what I'd snapped, I see that the tree is much more interesting than I'd realized.  Look at those long "string bean" like things (seed pods?) hanging down!  More things to learn about...  later.

 Same tree...  only I'm standing underneath it, looking up into the branches.
Not really anything of interest, I just liked the patterns the leaves made with the sky as the background.

 This is a domestic vine we see along walls and fences all over town.  It's bright orange and really attractive.

On our afternoon walk we headed over to River Road and over to the sea.  We could hear a party in full swing as we got closer to the beach.
 The RV park that is close to this section of the beach had a party going on...  lots of people, loud music, lots of laughter and good times.

 We watched one of their contests....
Seems 2 folks stand back-to-back...  with a ball placed between them.  Without touching the ball (hands were supposed to be held over the head) these two folks walked (one forward, one backward) across the sand to the line on the other side...  then reverse...  walking back.  After looking at the photo on the left, I noticed an extra leg (and a hand on the ball).  I think those 2 guys were either getting instructions on "how-to", or a little extra help.  

This is mainly a French-Canadian RV park and the emcee was speaking mostly French...  but we could easily understand what was going on.  We were told that the chef was preparing meals for 150 guests, so it was a fairly large party.  

We wandered on home....  but saw these Ground Doves up on a power line (is that an oxymoron?)
Anyway...   this is...
The End

That's All For Today!


  1. Another fun day and more fun photos.
    We enjoy reading about your travels.

  2. Lots of neat photos. I love Trogan photo. Good job.

  3. The game is too funny. Poor ball would not move an inch in my case.

  4. I'm enjoying your daily journal, although I'm glad you didn't expound on the defrosting. :)

  5. I enjoy your daily posts. It's a very interesting place where you are spending your winter.

  6. The party looks fun and I wonder what those string bean things are, on that tree.