Along the Natchez Trace

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Monday Meanderings....

Today marks our 10th week here..  only 3 more to go.  Wherever has the time gone?!?  Our Monday Morning walks with Memo are a real highlight of our time here...

Folks come and go...  their time in Lo de Marcos was up and some had to go home.  Some have other obligations; some ...  who knows?  But here's Bill, Memo, Elaine, Christine, Sherry, and Don.  Even Sherry will be heading back to the States at the end of this week.  

But...  many of these folks have become friends that we'd love to see in the future...
I call this photo...
A little help from my friends....
And I think we really have made some lasting friendships here.

One of my favorite folks is....
Here with her daughter.
Letty runs the grocery store where we shop.  This photo doesn't do her justice...   but she is always helpful when I'm struggling over my (Spanish) veggies....  Maybe one of these days I'll be able to actually converse with her...  but if not, she has the patience to listen anyway.

Back to the sea today...
So quiet....
But it was also kind of windy, so I'm thinking that's why there were no umbrellas at the beach chairs.  Not many folks around, but that's when I love it the most.

In the brackish water, where the ocean and the river meet, the swampland had lots of blue-winged teals, quite a few egrets and cormorants, a few ibis...  and....
We saw only one jacana.
The weather seems to have changed a bit...  it feels like the days are getting hotter.  We saw another motorhome leaving today...  heading back to Canada.  Seems a bit early to us, but maybe they have lots of travel plans between here and there.

My very favorite..  all time favorite!...  butterfly is the Malachite...  it looks like a green Monarch.  I finally saw my first one ever in Mexico maybe 10 or 12 years ago.  When we were staying in Costa Rica we'd see them fairly often.  I saw one here a few weeks ago while we were walking, but didn't get a photo...  today...  
This one flew into a palm tree right outside our deck.  That was hours ago and he's still there!
However...  I think he's taking a long nap.  He/she is just hanging there...  won't open his wings...  won't flutter about.  I keep checking on it....  still there.

So...  doesn't look like there will be any photos of the lovely top-side of the wings...  that gorgeous green color...  oh well...

That's All For Today!


  1. That is so wonderful about travelling around the country and making new friends all over the place.
    Love the beaches when they are deserted too.

  2. Not sure of the driving distance the Canadian motorhome has to travel but most provinces have a limit as to how long you can be out of province before you would loose your government paid health care.
    So glad you are still enjoying your time in paradise.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Can't remember if you've said before, but are there many shells on those beautiful beaches?

  4. Where will you go when you leave? Will you be back up in Maine for the summer months? Or somewhere else? Like Oregon?

  5. I like a lonely beach as well. We will be on one this summer!!!