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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Did You Know We Have a Subway Here?

This is a short post...  it's been a busy day and even though I did take a few photos during Memo's Monday Morning walk, I don't think they are of anything you haven't seen before.

Since we have some events to go to tomorrow and Thursday, Bill & I decided to take the bus down to Nuevo Vallarta...  just south of Bucerias and do our Wal-Mart and Mega Mart shopping.  We didn't really have much on our list, but it's fun just to ride the bus and see other things for a change.

We were later than usual - most often we get back home by lunch time.  Not today...  it was going on 1 pm and we were both starving...
We usually eat at home or when we do eat out we eat locally and local cuisine.  Not today...
Do you recognize the menu?  Yep!  The Subway in my title is the deli...  not an underground rail system
We'd seen Subway sandwich shops around and when we're in the States, we sometimes head there  for lunch.  Don't worry about it costing $62,,,  that's pesos.  Our favorite turkey breast on whole wheat (we split a 12") with a 20 oz bottle of Lipton Green Tea cost around $6 USA.  Comparable to the States.  This sub shop did not offer pepper jack cheese, nor did it have fresh spinach...  but everything else, including the honey-mustard dressing was the same.

Actually, the entire place was almost exactly like any other we've ever been in.
That's Bill...  putting his pesos away in his wallet before diving in.

We've never figured out the bus schedule here...  as many times as we've waited at this particular bus stop it never comes at the same time twice.  This time a bus going as far as Sayulita came along, and even though we'd be getting off 12 miles or so from our town, we decided to take it and then catch another bus from Sayulita to Lo de Marcos.
We didn't have long to wait in Sayulita before our bus arrived.  And look...  there's even a bus station here.  Most of these folks were heading south...  to the airport in Puerto Vallarta.  Since this is such a popular tourist area (we hear the surfing is very good), many folks make day trips here from PV just to enjoy the beach.

We finally made it home around 3 pm....  

It was a different kind of day for us, but life is always an adventure....
And the Subway sub was delicious!

That's All For Today!


  1. Subway is as common as MacDs now in the UK. I enjoy it when I feel my weight can take a sub. Pretty tasty mixes.

  2. We have not had a sub for years, sounds like a nice change of pace.

  3. It looks exactly like the Subways up here, down to the wrappers. I went to Mexico a few times in college, but never very far down, mostly just south of Ensenada, to scuba dive. I always wanted to see other places. I love the ocean and warm water. We have the ocean here, if I drive an hour and a half west, but its freezing water! It looks so colorful and warm there, and laid back and friendly.

  4. I did a double take, then saw the Subway. But not spinach! I guess I would need double or triple black olives to compensate.

  5. It has been a long time since I have been to a Subway. I don't eat out very often. I guess I am partial to my wife's cooking.

  6. We refuse to eat at an American fast food joint while in a different country. Although, Subway is what I would call our "favorite" if we had to eat fast food. If in Mexico, I'd prefer a taco though!